World Wide Web Wednesday #34

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Whether you need some lunch time reads or something to get you past hump day, we’ve curated five links you’ll enjoy!

Will we ever truly care about sustainability?

Sustainability, once a topic exclusively for hippies, has now become the latest buzzword among retailers. But are customers actually interested in understanding your supply chain or do they just want to have a product at the end of the day? Alden Wicker reflects on his experience at the recent Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2018 conference.

Busking Goes Cashless in London

The art of busking gets a technological boost. London has introduced a contactless payment scheme for buskers. Passers-by can use card readers to make contactless payments as well as tossing in loose change.

What’s on Bill Gates’ Reading List?

Each summer, Bill Gates releases a list of five books he recommends for summer reading. This year, his reading list tackles the big questions in life. Read on for synopses of each of his summer reading picks.

Coca-Cola Launches Alcoholic Drink

Coca-Cola has finally launched their first alcoholic product. The lemon-flavoured fizzy drink will be available with 3%, 5%, and 7% alcohol but there’s a catch – it will only be sold to consumers on the Japanese island of Kyushu!

Has the online shopping war begun?

The original online retail giant, eBay, has announced a new membership option called eBay Plus in June. It’s no surprise the launch is set at least a couple of weeks ahead of the expected arrival of Amazon Prime in Australia! This new membership comes with perks like free delivery and returns, exclusive deals and premium customer support.

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