World Wide Web Wednesday #32

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Whether you need some lunch time reads or something to get you past hump day, we’ve curated five links you’ll enjoy!

What’s in a name?

Far fewer Americans are naming their babies Alexa, the name that wakes Amazon’s now famous AI personal assistant. Read more about what’s behind the decline in the name.

Moving forward with dockless bikes

The pedal power revolution is taking over the world. The latest innovation is the dockless hire bike where users can unlock it with their smartphone and hire it for an hour, day or week, and then leave it wherever their journey ends. How has it performed in different markets around the world?

Target experiments with faster supply chain

To keep their brick-and-mortar shops relevant and convenient, American discount store retailer Target is testing a new approach to supply chain management. This would restock inventory much quicker, and allow stores to reduce the amount of space needed for storing inventory. How will this new system work for Target?

Twitter password bug

Twitter has urged their 336 million users to change their passwords after the company found a bug that stored passwords in plain text internally. Is your password secure?

Office buildings are getting greener

New office spaces are popping up and feature more outdoor space or incorporating plants into their design. What is less obvious is that more firms are creating energy efficient buildings. Find out how real office buildings are making it work.

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