April 18, 2018    < 1 min read

Whether you need some lunch time reads or something to get you past hump day, we’ve curated five links you’ll enjoy!

Adapting to the New Normal

What’s in store for the future of businesses? Olivier Klein, head of emerging technologies at Amazon Web Services, says machine learning will be an integral part of the business model.

Will Samsung Turn to Blockchain for their Supply Chain?

Blockchains are a digital ledger that can be used to track and verify anything; this is especially useful in cutting supply chain costs. Speaking to Bloomberg in an interview, Samsung blockchain chief said the company would soon decide whether to use blockchain to manage its global supply chain shipments. If they do, they are looking cutting costs by as much as 20%.

What the Attack in Amazon Will Mean for Internet Retailers

Amazon has recently come under fire from the WHite House about not paying its fair share of taxes. However, this time it should concern any company that sells things over the internet. In America, a complex web of compliance and tax requirement exists in local jurisdictions across the country. How will the ruling change the way internet retailers operate?

The Lowdown on our Coffee Consumption

Grabbing a cup of coffee is an important step in many people’s morning ritual. The BBC gives us the scoop on the coffee industry – who grows, drinks and pays the most?

5 Metrics of Netflix Growth

The growth that Netflix has experienced has been forecasted to continue. Here are five Netflix metrics that indicate their strong growth.

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