Why Wholesalers Need a B2B eCommerce Strategy in 2018

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B2B commerce is a growing trend in eCommerce, and manufacturers are beginning to take advantage of multiple channels to grow their business. With wholesale manufacturers, sales tend to focus towards other businesses, as opposed to direct customer sales. Because of this, treating clients as customers is a sure-fire way to improve sales and customer satisfaction.

Regarding B2B eCommerce strategy, manufacturers need to keep in mind the importance of manufacturing inventory and stock control as more sales take place online. Keeping track of products and order fulfillments is different in an online situation, with no physical interactions with customers and faster turnaround expectations. However, finding a B2B eCommerce strategy that works for your business can lead to a successful online campaign that will keep you competitive.

Anticipating more online sales

With the rise in popularity of eCommerce for consumers and companies looking to purchase, it is important to have a strategy in place to accommodate the anticipated online sales increase. A major mistake made by manufacturers is not budgeting enough on B2B eCommerce spending. Improving marketing to draw in more customers is just as critical online as it is in-store; an online presence allows more opportunity for consumers to discover your products.

With the B2B workforce getting younger, online is the first port of call for new products and having an attractive online presence will increase the likeliness of new customers. Because of this shift from physical to digital, manufacturers need to change with the times in order to remain competitive in the industry. In addition to this, anticipating an increase in sales will mean planning accordingly. Increased management of manufacturing inventory and appropriate customer retention techniques will be essential in keeping online sales profitable.

Improving customer experiences

Buyers expect a positive buying experience, regardless if they are an online or brick-and-mortar customer. By customising and expressing the importance of customers, customer satisfaction will increase, creating a strong platform for customer loyalty. It is important to create a seamless connection between channels, such as allowing for easy access between mobile, digital, and physical stores in terms of customer service and product representation. By synthesising various platforms for the customers’ benefit, your business will remain on top of current eCommerce trends and appeal to the growing consumer demands surrounding speed of sales and accessibility.

Expanding to new marketplaces

When utilising more channels and expanding to various marketplaces, it is important to keep the level of accessibility sustainable and easy. By creating a successful eCommerce strategy, your business can expand to wider marketplaces. eCommerce makes international trade cheaper and easier by removing geographical barriers by transitioning sales online will increase your customer base. Note the expansion techniques of your competitors and how their eCommerce solutions work for them before integrating an eCommerce solution to your own business. It is important to make a stable plan regarding how to counteract the effects a global market will have on your manufacturing inventory, budgeting, client loyalty, and company quality. By ensuring this, your company can focus on thriving in the international marketplace.

B2B eCommerce is an increasingly useful tool for manufacturers, allowing them to keep up with competition on a larger scale. By utilising B2B services, your company can anticipate and plan for more online sales, essentially providing your company with a more successful trading platform. Like any trading company, focus on customer experience is key to success, and offering improved customer satisfaction will encourage customer loyalty. Expanding to new markets is an exciting opportunity, however it is advised that you have a solid B2B eCommerce strategy in place to make the transition as seamless and successful as possible.

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