Von-Röutte increases inventory accuracy in fashion accessories manufacturing

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Simple and functional

In 2015, Sydney-based founders Gustavo Agra & Marina Tokarski had the idea of designing a bag that allowed them to work and travel sharing the same gear. Inspired by simplicity and minimalism, Von-Röutte was born to craft timeless unisex bags and wallets for weekend adventures and everyday use.

Von-Röutte uses both B2B and B2C business models to sell their fashion accessories through their website and other online retailers, such as The Iconic. “We were after a software that could integrate all the process from sales to accounting, and could manage all the inventory accuracy, so Unleashed was perfect for us” says Gustavo.

Monitoring inventory health

Unleashed allows Von-Röutte to efficiently manage their inventory with the Stock on Hand feature. It allows an accurate reflection of stock so they can make sales across their different sales channels without fear of understocking. Gustavo says, “Unleashed helps us by having an accuracy of the stock on hand, so that everything is perfectly calculated.”

“The whole point of Unleashed is to do a job that was going to be done in 5 hours, in seconds.” Gustavo Agra, Von-Röutte

Von-Röutte also uses Unleashed to measure stock turnover. “We manufacture our products. We needed a software that could track the price of each batch and then calculate an average price, so we can calculate our margin perfectly”, says Gustavo. As a rapidly expanding business, accurate reporting is essential to their growth.

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Armed with a comprehensive inventory management system, Von-Röutte continues to grow from strength to strength. “Unleashed saves time, so with the extra time I have, I can design new products” says Gustavo. Since using Unleashed, they now have the ideal software to manage their inventory from manufacturing to sales.

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