Unleashed’s development team plan next quarter — and get competitive

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At Unleashed, everyone gets input in which projects they think will benefit our customers the most.

One of the biggest dates in the Unleashed calendar is our quarterly programme planning day. It’s when our product development team get together to plan how they’ll be working over the next three months.

At least, that’s what they do in the morning. In the afternoon, there’s an opportunity for some old-fashioned inter-team competition. Here’s a look at what happened last time around: featuring a Masterchef cook-off, a lawn bowls competition and some questionable fancy dress.

A busy morning

The day started off with a few talks from development heads, introducing what they believe Unleashed should be focusing on over the next few months.
Dev demonstration

After that, it was time to plan out what each team was going to work on.
Planning sprints

Before long, a sprint-by-sprint plan started to come together.
Sprint plans

Bowled over

With the hard work done and dusted, it was competition time. First up, the teams got a chance to dress up…
Unleashed staff in fancy dress

Bowling in fancy dress

…and duel it out over lawn bowls.
Lawn bowls

More lawn bowls

Competition heats up

Then it was time for the cooking competition. Each team got given the ingredients for their dish — steak with sautéed potatoes, broccoli and a Béarnaise sauce — and got cooking.
Getting ingredients

Sautéing potatoes

Unleashed cooking

The finished result, which certainly looked restaurant quality.
Steak with sautéed potatoes, broccoli and a Béarnaise sauce

But was it enough to impress our team of expert judges?

Every team produced a top-notch meal…
Masterchef judges

…but there could only be one winner. And just enough time for a celebratory selfie.
Unleashed Masterchef winners

‘I get more invested in my work’

Will Seagar, one of our Graduate Software Developers, came out of the day feeling more engaged in where Unleashed was heading. “Getting the chance to have an input into our scrum planning over the next several months is really valuable. I get more invested in my work, and I know exactly how my day-to-day output benefits the company as a whole.”

“After an intense morning, it was great to let off some steam over a few drinks. Getting a real chef in to judge our creations meant that everyone wanted to do as well as possible — so I’m really glad to say that my team won”.

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