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On the 21st May, Unleashed is completing a huge update to the User Interface.  But it is more than just a UI, it will completely change the way people use the system.  Navigation, Search, Grid Functions, Exports and Reports are just some of the area’s that result in a more intuitive design and user experience.

Each improvement itself is a major event, but combined it will provide the user with an experience they will want replicated throughout other applications on the web.  Our New Design in these terms goes far beyond just layout and colour changes, the new Unleashed design incorporates intuitive workflow cues to assist the user to complete multiple tasks with the minimum amount of navigation and disruption to their main task.

Features at a glance:


This is the most visual change in the system.  The new Dashboard puts the power of the data captured in Unleashed in an easy to read and analyze comparative format.  Choose Month to date, Quarter to date or Year to date comparative periods.



Show you how much Revenue and Margin you are making, and compares with the previous period(s).



This is one of the new great features of the new release.  There are two ways you can make more money.  Increase prices or sell more.  This metric enables you to track how many invoices you are creating for a particular period, and how many items (on average) you have on any invoice.  We don’t currently show the average invoice value – but it will be coming!



No inventory system would be complete without a stock metric.  Here we quite simply want to show you how much inventory you have on hand.  Compared with prior periods, and also show you how much stock has been purchased for the period.



This is one of the greatest little features we have added to Unleashed.  I know all the accountants, financial advisors and CFO’s would love this little KPI as it relates directly to the company’s working capital.  That is Day’s inventory and Days to sell.

Days inventory is quite simply telling you how many days (on average) you have of stock on hand.

Days to sell goes one step further and tells you how long it will take you (on average) to sell all your stock.


Revenue and Margin Graph

Being able to track revenue over time, and compare is directly with Margin is an important tool to get an overall health check on the business. The margin report does exactly that.  Giving you the ability to track your revenue and compare it to margin from within the same report.


Open Transactions

The current unleashed system gives you the open transactions to easily navigate to them.  We have included them on our front dashboard for now, so you can continue to easily identify and navigate to your open transactions.


Unleashed Ribbon

As you scroll down the page you will notice the Ribbon at the top stays with you on the page.  On the ribbon we have populated it with important information and the common actions you might like to take on the page.  Now, no matter where you are, you can see what you are doing in the system and save and complete transactions and many other most used functions without needing to scroll around.  From the dashboard, we have included a new setup screen in the top right hand corner.


Setup Wizard

The new setup screen has a nice easy to navigate layout with the most common items you need to complete an unleashed setup.



New Mega-menu has all of Unleashed’s functions available from only one click in the menu.  You can easily navigate to anywhere in the system from any page.  On the right hand side we list the ‘most recent items’ for each module.  This is a great feature that allows you to easily navigate back to the transaction or masterfile that you were previously working on.



We have introduced hyperlinks on labels and grids throughout the system. This great feature incorporates some great workflow enabling you to click a label and open a new tab and instantly navigate to that area. A good example of this is entering a purchase order line.  If you are on the line but have found that the product you wish to purchase does not exist in the system yet, you can click on the ‘Products’ hyperlink and go straight to the product entry and enter the product.  Pressing F5 back on the purchase order will bring the newly created product into your searchable products.

Using the hyperlinks within the grid is even better still.  Now you can click any hyperlinked value and be taken to the appropriate report and see exactly the information you are looking for.  A great example is clicking the ‘allocated’ field from within a Stock on Hand enquiry, you will see all the transactions that have the product allocated to it.  Almost every field within the grids that have associated reports and more information can now be navigated to from within the grid.  TIP:  If you use your mouse to ‘Right Click’ within a grid, and choose to open in a new tab, you won’t navigate away from your report and preserve the report filter and settings you had previously set.



Unleashed now has a global search in the header.  You can find anything in the system from this search, and the search results tell you what module or transaction the result corresponds too.  This is great for quick and easy navigation to the exact place you need to be, starting with the end result in mind.  As an example, if you are on the phone to a customer and you need to start adding an invoice for them, you can start by using the global search to find the customer and quickly start adding an invoice, all without leaving your current task or activity.


Search on Products

Product searches have changed significantly in the new unleashed system.  If you are entering a product on a line, the incremental search works on both code and description concurrently – no more toggling between the two!  –  additionally, if you still need a better search you can click on the magnifying glass and search on other fields as well, including:  Supplier code, Barcode, or Supplier Part number too!  The results of the search also show you your stock on hand figures for the items so you can be sure you are selecting the most appropriate product.


Modal Form Searching

Anywhere where you click on a search, Unleashed has now implemented a modal form for searching.  This is a great feature that lets you search without actually leaving the page you are on.  It is the perfect companion for an online system as it circumvents pop-up’s and other browser issues meaning you can always find the items you are after no matter what browser you are using.


New Grids

Without a doubt, the new grids are a superb improvement in the system.  As well as looking great, they are much more functional too.  You can sort each field, but you can also move columns around too.  This is the first step in a much larger update to the grids which is coming soon, that will enable you to completely customize the grid by showing and hiding any column and have the system REMEMBER your settings too!  All the grids export to PDF, XLS, XLSX and CSV perfectly too.


Transacting in the Grids

If you need to modify information within the data entry grids (like in adding invoice, purchase order, stock receipting etc…) you can do so by clicking on the editable area once and the field is highlighted ready for you to start editing straight away.  Enter your new value and press enter.  Editing fields has never been so quick and easy.

If you are doing a stock receipt, and modifying the values, you can click in the top value, and use tab to automatically go to the next line ready in edit mode.  This form of data entry is a huge timesaver for users with large purchases to receipt.  Additional buttons on the top ribbon allow for navigating through the purchase and receipt area an absolute breeze too.

A new delete icon now represents lines that you may need to delete.  A nice visual representation of an action you may take within a grid.


Improved Message box

The message notification area within Unleashed has changed significantly.  The messages are now in an easy to read area just below the ribbon.  The message box will also follow you wherever you are on the page.


General Layout Changes

It’s probably one of the more obvious changes in Unleashed, that the layouts of the pages are different.  From a design perspective, they are much more user friendly as we have included as much information above the fold in the page as possible.  To accomplish this, all our data entry screens now use a 3 across layout for header information.  All the comments are now located in an area underneath the entry grids and allow for much more space to enter sundry text.

The most common action you can take on the page is now located in the top right hand corner.  Studies suggest that is the most likely place your eyes will look on the page, so therefore is the most logical place to put the most commonly used actions for the task that you are completing.  These buttons are usually represented in Green too.


Improved Exports

All the grids can now export in PDF, CSV, XLS and XLSX format and the formatting of the information is perfect.


New Reports

Transaction Reports within the modules:

Each module now has a transaction report on each of the masterfiles.  So you can now see a list of all transactions associated with a selected Customer, Supplier, Product or Production Item.


Reorder Report

The reorder report now has an automated feature where you can select a supplier, a product, or just all products and automatically create a purchase order for your selection.  This feature is based on Mins & Max’s set for your stock masterfiles.


Demand Based Re-order Report

The same report can act as a demand based reorder report is you leave your mins and max’s blank on the products.  What will happen is as you allocate stock items, whether it is on a sales, production or warehouse transfer then your allocated stock quantity will increase.  To fulfill this demand the system you can create a purchase order automatically by selecting the product and pressing ‘reorder’ and a purchase order will get created with a total number of units automatically selected to fulfill demand.

Stock Revaluation Report

This is a feature available if you are on Unleashed PRO or Unleashed Enterprise.  It is a CSV system that lets you revalue your stock.  This is a very good feature if you need to change the cost price of any or all of your stock.  Beware that there is an associated financial impact in changing your stock values, so a corresponding double entry journal will get created in Xero if you are connected to Xero.


Stock Movement Report

This great little report will let you all the stock movements grouped by month.  The report allows you to filter on any item, period, supplier or warehouse to gauge all your stock movements for your selected criteria.

Product Allocations Report

You are most likely going to navigate to this report by drilling down on allocations within other reports.  However, if you want to navigate to it, you’ll find it under Inventory | Reports.  This report allows you to see all the transactions that have products allocated to them, and is filterable by product or warehouse too.  This report is a good report to run prior to running a purchase reorder report to gauge the statuses of your allocated stock.


Price List Enquiry

This report lets you see all the prices and costs for all or any selected product in a nice easy to read grid.


Other Changes:

The whole sign-up process to Unleashed has changed.  It is now much easier to get started with Unleashed by entering just three fields.

Managing Demo data is easy too.  You can delete transactions and masterfiles and reset your demo data quickly within the demo panel at the top.

You can close the demo panel, so it is less evasive while using the system for the first few days.

The Integrations page is much cleaner and easier to use now.

The integration with Xero is much more intuitive and now we filter the accounts so you only see the most relevant accounts for the integration to Xero.

And much much more…


What does the future hold?

The future is even more exciting…  I have a blue print that our 7 Strong Development team are working on right now.  The next release will build on the new UI and put even more intuitive easy to use features.  One such feature I will tell you about now is a document designer.  An HTML drag and Drop designer to create your own Invoices, Packing slips and other documents in.

The next release will be on the 1st August.  Before then, we know you will enjoy the new system.  We have had such positive feedback from every one of our Beta users that we know you will have a great experience and save loads of time with the intuitive workflows built into the design.  Thank you again for your support, we love our customers so much and we want you to love working in Unleashed just as much.

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