Unleashed employees in NZ and UK celebrate the launch of the B2B eCommerce store

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The release of the Unleashed B2B eCommerce store isn’t just a significant win for our users, it’s the culmination of several months of hard work from everyone who works here.

At Unleashed, we believe in celebrating major company milestones. Successfully launching our brand new B2B eCommerce store — empowering Unleashed clients to sell products seamlessly online without resorting to manually taking orders — was no exception.

So we got together over lunch to mark the occasion.

Photos from the day

Special thanks to our B2B mascots, who clearly found the role very appealing.
B1 and B2

Banana Mascots

No launch party would be complete without bubbles…

…DIY sliders…
DIY Sliders

…plus a special B2B cake for dessert…
B2B Cake

…and fruit for the health conscious.
B2B Fruit

A brief run through of the new feature from Bruno Baptistella, our Product Analyst.
B2B Demonstration

B1 and B2 enjoying the demonstration.

But the celebration wasn’t confined to our New Zealand office, with our UK team getting together over some expertly made cocktails as well.
B2B UK Celebration

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