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Distributing authenticity

James Wesley of Time Control Australia (TCA) has been in the electric household industry for most of his working career. TCA is an exclusive distribution agent for European manufactured products and supply energy conservation devices to electricians and cabling industries.

“TCA offers a broad range of high quality products with next-day delivery,” explains James. As they only distribute originals from Europe, any buyer can expect authentic and quality products.

TCA started off using Xero as their accounting software and picked up Unleashed from the beginning. With his experience using corporate software packages and a bit of research, James decided to use Unleashed as their inventory management system.

Due to their complex warehouse system, they needed a solution like Unleashed. “Stock comes into the country and gets distributed out to several different warehouses,” says James. Their warehouses varies from traditional warehouses, to their sales rep’s car. Unleashed allows TCA to keep track of all their products, invoice and transact the products from these different locations.

“Unleashed offers the features that we need. We can have a virtual warehouse anywhere.”

Enhanced efficiency for TCA

Since implementing Unleashed, TCA is more efficient with their ordering and hold less stock. “Given that we import from Europe, there’s more lead time,” explains James. With multiple price tiers in Unleashed, James can control the prices his sales rep quote.

Given that Unleashed is a cloud-based inventory management software, it allows TCA’s sales rep to create sales quotes on the go. It also means that James can access his inventory information without having to rush off to his office or a specific warehouse. “I’d recommend it to any business that needs any type of inventory control because Unleashed really does offer everything,” says James.

With an efficient inventory management system in place, James and his team at TCA can continue to focus on distributing high quality European products to electricians all over Australia.

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