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Keeping Pace? The State of US Small Businesses in 2017

Small businesses are a crucial part of the US economy; with almost 30 million small businesses operating in America today, small businesses are at the heart of America’s economy. Small businesses comprise over 90% of all employer firms, employ almost half of this country’s workforce and create roughly 60% of all new private sector jobs. [&h ... Read More

  November 10, 2017     

Coffee Crazed Consumers: Recent Trends in the Coffee Industry

Growth in the coffee industry is showing no signs of slowing in the United States and beyond. Consumption of the beverage is at and all time high according to recent research, and youths are the main force behind this growth. From cold coffee beverages to gourmet coffee, millennials are shaping coffee trends and pushing growth […] ... Read More

  November 9, 2017     

Who is Driving the Demand for Coffee?

Millennials are consuming coffee at a rate like no other demographic in the United States. As a consequence, demand for coffee has surged in recent years, and new trends are emerging. From decaf coffee to cold coffee beverages, millennials are shaping coffee trends across the country and beyond. This article examines just how much influence [&helli ... Read More

  November 8, 2017     

Millennials Changing the Landscape of the Alcoholic Beverage Industry

Millennials have a significant influence in consumer trends in a wide range of industries. The alcoholic beverage industry, for example, is becoming increasingly conditioned by trends among millennial consumers. This article examines key trends that characterise millennials’ consumption of alcohol, and looks at the repercussions for businesses in ... Read More

  November 7, 2017     

Back to B2B marketing basics

B2B marketing describes the marketing technique used by businesses to advertise their goods or services to other businesses. In a competitive industry where many businesses are competing for customers, being excellent at marketing is a great point of differentiation. Here are a few fundamentals of B2B marketing. What sets B2B marketing apart? B2B m ... Read More

  October 23, 2017     

Survival 101: Grocery Price War

Globally, we are seeing an all-out war develop between grocery companies. In New Zealand, we are largely sheltered from this, as we are small and only have a handful of local supermarkets. In the United States and the UK however, it is a different story. Grocery chains fight, sometimes unwillingly, in this war simply to […] ... Read More

  October 16, 2017     

The Effect Of Seasonal Inventory On Inventory Control

Seasonal Challenges to Stock and Inventory Seasonal inventory is stock which is in high demand during particular times of the year, such as during Christmas or Halloween. These periods of time often coincide with the different seasons, and managers need to be proactive in preparing for the waxing and waning of demand during these key […] ... Read More

  October 6, 2017     

Unleashed Software awarded Xerocon Industry Specific App of the Year

Unleashed Software is thrilled to announce we’ve nabbed the Industry Specific App of the Year at Xerocon London this year! We’d like to extend a huge thank you to the Unleashed team and our supporters! Our lovely UK team is hard at work at Xerocon London this year so if you’re there, do drop by […] ... Read More

  October 5, 2017     

How the Grocery Price Wars May Affect Your Business

Prices of supermarket products declined by 1.3% last year in the U.S., the first annual decline in these products since 1967. This has obvious benefits for customers, but it can greatly hinder the profitability of businesses in the food industry. Increasingly lowering the cost to the consumer has had a snowball effect, so that almost […] ... Read More

  October 5, 2017     

Unleashed Software secures $7.0 million investment funding to accelerate growth

Unleashed Software is excited to announce that we’ve secured a Series C investment of NZ$7.0 million from Movac, New Zealand’s most experienced technology investment company. CEO of Unleashed Software, Gareth Berry, comments: “We have been building our core product and markets for eight years now and the market now feels like it is really ... Read More

  October 4, 2017     

Encourage teamwork in the workplace to enhance stock control

In any business, large or small, good teamwork is essential for morale, productivity and efficiency. In particular, working in a warehouse environment can prove challenging, involving many demanding and often painstaking jobs. In this article, we assess some primary ways to encourage good teamwork which can help make stock control and work life eas ... Read More

  September 28, 2017     

How To Set Adequate Prices

Balancing Pricing with Ordering Costs Pricing strategy is an extremely important factor that contributes to a business’ overall revenue potential. Implementing prices that are considerably low may attract the customers interest, but it may also fail to offset behind-the-scenes expenses attracted by manufacturing costs, machinery costs and orderin ... Read More

  September 27, 2017     

Boost Inventory Control and Sales with Product Bundling

Product bundling is a pricing strategy that has become increasingly popular in recent times, as companies seek means to offset the costs of acquisition. Here, a company will sell multiple items as a bundle at a price lower than the cost of buying them individually. For example, many electronics retailers use product bundling to sell […] ... Read More

  September 26, 2017     

Three Trade Barriers That Affect Your Business

Trade barriers are generally a government-imposed restraint on the flow of international goods or services. The most common trade barrier is a tariff. A tariff is a tax on imports and raises the price of imported goods relative to domestic goods (goods produced at home). This discourages its demand and protects domestic producers from their [&helli ... Read More

  August 29, 2017     

Reduce Foreign Currency Risk With Inventory Management

Foreign currency exchange rate fluctuations can have a huge influence on inventory management. If companies rely on imported materials to produce goods, changes in overseas currency can influence the overall cost to the firm. Over the course of a supply agreement, it is essential to consider these risks at the outset. Changes in overseas exchange [ ... Read More

  August 22, 2017     

Accurate Costing for a Profitable Business

Accurate costing of your products can aid you in making well-informed decisions. Business costs must be accurate for several reasons, which we shall explore a little more in this article. Sales and budgeting Firstly, sales prices must be set accurately to ensure that firstly the company makes a profit, and secondly that they make the […] ... Read More

  August 4, 2017     

Designer and manufacturer The Pillow Collection embraces efficient cloud-based inventory management system with Unleashed

Now into its fifth year, The Pillow Collection designs and manufactures designer throw pillows for sale through online channels all over the world. Karl Tager, one of the owners of The Pillow Collection, comes from a background of interior design. Karl and his team saw a void in the marketplace. This challenged them to take […] ... Read More

  July 11, 2017     

Unleashed Software helps customers process $4.95 Billion in sales during FY17

AUCKLAND, New Zealand. Unleashed Software, the Auckland-based inventory management Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider, has announced record sales and customer growth over the financial year to 31st March 2017, and now supports well over 2000 clients globally. CEO Gareth Berry comments: “We acquired our 2000th customer during the year, which is ... Read More

  May 11, 2017