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Topic: Unleashed features

Brexit and beyond: the one Unleashed feature you need to start using

By 1 Jan 2021, UK business must supply commercial invoices when exporting to the EU. To prepare for Brexit and beyond, we’re shedding some light on how your business can use the International Commerce Code feature in Unleashed to create customs-compliant commercial invoices. We’ve also curated some invaluable resources including Covid grants an ... Read More

  November 20, 2020     

Why Unleashed is moving to 2-step authentication (2SA)

Unleashed is implementing 2-step authentication (2SA) from 12 October. Here you’ll find out why we’re making the move, what it means for our users, and how stronger security will benefit them. What is 2-step authentication? 2-step authentication, sometimes referred to as two-factor authentication/verification or dual-factor authentication, is a ... Read More

  October 2, 2020     

Here’s to Better Visibility Over Complex Recipes with Sub-Assembly

For businesses that make, manage or move products, having visibility over their assemblies, disassemblies and Bill of Materials is crucial — especially if they are complex and involve multiple levels. Without such insight, it has the potential to slow down productivity and manufacturing efficiency. We have recently released sub-assembly, a highly ... Read More

  November 12, 2019     

Pack a Punch With Your Pricing Strategy

A great pricing strategy is one of the tenets of a successful business. Setting the right price is no easy feat — setting it too low might attract interest, but it can fail to offset your costs. At the same time, setting higher prices might risk you pushing potential customers away. A pricing strategy, such […] ... Read More

  August 8, 2019     

4 Key Features That Will Help You Make the Most of Your B2B eCommerce Store

B2B eCommerce sales are expected to outgrow B2C eCommerce sales by 2020, reaching 6.7 trillion USD by 2020 — is your business ready? The Unleashed B2B eCommerce Store can help businesses give their customers a seamless buying experience with a dedicated online ordering platform. In order to truly grow your business with a B2B eCommerce […] ... Read More

  March 25, 2019     

How to Grow Your Transactions by 250% like Good Buzz

Alex Campbell, co-founder of Good Buzz, stopped consuming alcohol eight years ago but his wife, Amber, wanted to give him an alternative that he could take to barbeques and social functions. They found that kombucha, a fermented sweetened tea, had the same flavour profile as beer but without the alcohol! Four years later in 2014, […] ... Read More

  February 11, 2019     

Enhance Your Processes with these New Unleashed Enhancements

Interested in our latest Xero enhancements? Based on great customer feedback, we’ve been working on enhancing Unleashed to help increase efficiency in your business. You’ve asked us for additions that will make a difference in your day-to-day operations, so here are some new small but mighty enhancements that your team will love. Filter by sell ... Read More

  December 11, 2018     

Your Xero Integration – Better Than Ever!

This post has been updated to reflect the latest user interface and features. Thanks to your feedback, we have developed two new features that will enhance the Xero and Unleashed integration and give you more insights for managing your business! Set credit limits for customers Does your sales team know if the customer has any […] ... Read More

  December 11, 2018