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Unleashed Software Launches Accountancy Referral Partner Programme

London, UK Unleashed Software has launched a new Referral Partner Programme for UK accountancy practices seeking to develop their advisory services. The new programme enables accountancy firms to gain a competitive advantage by providing clients with advice on optimising their inventory processes via the Unleashed Software platform. Used by thousan ... Read More

  January 9, 2018     

Looking to the Future: UK Small Business Confidence

UK business confidence has seen better days. Small businesses are increasingly concerned about their long-term prospects, signalling concern for the wider UK economy. In June 2017, the Federation of Small Businesses noted the first real dip in business confidence since the Brexit referendum in June the year earlier. As Brexit draws nearer, that dip ... Read More

  November 21, 2017     

Funding UK’s Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) are a vital component to the economy of the United Kingdom. In fact, SMEs account for at least 99% of the businesses in every main industry sector. SMEs make up a significant portion of the private sector in the UK, and this article seeks to examine their key characteristics […] ... Read More

  October 11, 2017     

Emerging Trends in the UK Food Manufacturing Sector

In spite of a difficult few years, food and beverage manufacturing remains the UK’s largest manufacturing sector. Food manufacturing is bigger than the automotive and industrial goods industries and contributes just shy of £30 billion per year to the UK economy. Although the sector is incredibly large, food and beverage manufacturers are contend ... Read More

  October 9, 2017     

What’s influencing the UK food sector in 2017?

Undoubtedly Brexit, Britain’s exit from the European Union (EU), is the biggest news and most significant factor confronting the UK food sector in 2017. The country depends on EU trade agreements and local markets for around 97 percent of its food and drink export trade. The pre-Brexit trend towards quality and nutrition will endure, with [&helli ... Read More

  October 5, 2017     

A snapshot of the UK food sector in 2017

The UK food sector has been pressured by several cultural and economic changes over the years however experts are predicting Brexit among others will have a massive influence on the public consumerism and commercial trading of food and the food sector as a whole in 2017. There are several aspects identified that are shaping the […] ... Read More

  October 4, 2017     

Five Cloud Computing Trends for the Year Ahead

At its core, cloud computing is about changing the way that we do business. Computing over the internet has allowed organisations access to their essential business tools at any time from anywhere with an internet connection. By implementing online inventory management, managers and business owners are able to monitor stock levels in Bristol while ... Read More

  October 3, 2017     

What Makes a Great Business Plan?

A business plan is essentially a blueprint for your business, so it is essential to get right at the outset. Although the UK is one of the easiest places to start a business, many new businesses mistake the simple processes involved in starting a business (such as choosing a business name, registering with HMRC and […] ... Read More

  October 2, 2017     

Five Bad Online Inventory Management Habits Holding Your Business Back

Although inventory management can pose some difficult challenges for growing businesses, getting the basics right is generally as simple as avoiding some common, critical mistakes. Inventory is typically one of a business’ biggest assets, and is usually central to a business’ operations. Bad habits can break a business so let’s look at some o ... Read More

  October 2, 2017     

Lean Business – What Does it Mean?

Lean business essentially involves maximising customer value while reducing or eliminating waste from the production process. Lean manufacturing was initially practiced by Japanese industrial giants such as Toyota, but in recent years has come to be widely adopted by British and European startups in industries as diverse as manufacturing and softwa ... Read More

  October 2, 2017     

Getting a taste of the UK with Unleashed customers and partners

By Stephen Jones, Unleashed UK Territory Manager Last Thursday evening, Gareth and myself had the pleasure of hosting a number of Unleashed customers and partners in London. The event was timed for Gareth’s trip to the UK during London Tech Week, and was held at the premises of an Unleashed customer, Anspach & Hobday, in […] ... Read More

  June 23, 2017     

Gourmet Gadgetry brings back time efficiency for their retailing business

Gourmet Gadgetry designs the next generation of cookware, gourmet gadgets and chocolate fountains for the home. With their unique machines on shelves, it’s sure to tempt any budding home baker. Playing with your food In 2011, co-founder Lisa Scott saw a gap in the market for good quality kitchen appliances that you could have fun […] ... Read More

  June 13, 2017     

Volt Bikes improves inventory efficiency for their manufacturing business

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT Unleashed has given a lot more time to us, we finish our work at normal business hours now rather than having to stay late go through multiple spreadsheets, double- check everything, we just know it’s reliable and really, is really given us more time just to see family and stuff afterwards, it’s nice, just relax. My name is ... Read More

  June 6, 2017     

Bread and Butter Fest: Flavour of Innovation

It was a pleasure spending last weekend supporting the UK's food and beverage scene and discussing how software can help businesses on their journey. ... Read More

  November 21, 2016     

Inventory Software Provider Unleashed Opens UK Office

New Zealand-based cloud computing company Unleashed Software has launched its first office in the United Kingdom in June, as part of its aggressive international expansion plans. ... Read More

  June 15, 2016