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Topic: trade discounts

Why You Need To Know About Trade Discounting

Trade discounting is important to know about for over production of inventory stock as it can really help you sell inventory stock that would otherwise be obsolete. It can also increase the quantities of inventory stock sold too. Here we explain what trade discounting is and reasons for using trade discounting. What is trade discounting? […] ... Read More

  December 6, 2017     

Discounts and inventory control

Trade and cash discounts are essential tools that you can implement to help boost sales and increase profitability. Such discounts are also an essential component for good inventory control, and can be used when it is necessary to sell large amounts at once or to reduce inventory in a short time frame. There are key […] ... Read More

  October 27, 2017     

Why and How Should Businesses Give Trade Discounts?

There are advantages and disadvantages to offering trade discounts. Among other things, trade discounts can improve cash flow, grow market share and improve customer loyalty. These discounts are also a great tool for inventory control, especially if a company runs into issues such as excess stock. At the same time, offering trade discounts in certa ... Read More

  October 23, 2017     

The Advantages of Trade Discounts

Trade discounts are an excellent tool for increasing sales, boosting profitability, saving money and managing inventory. They are also an excellent method for maintaining customer satisfaction and attracting a wider consumer base. Lastly, they are a great tool for offsetting behind-the-scenes expenses involved with production, acquiring economic re ... Read More

  September 16, 2017     

Maintain Inventory Control Using Trade Discounts

Trade discounts are often used as a means to increase sales. They are an excellent way to sell off large amounts of stock, especially useful in the case of obsolete or excess stock. Therefore, trade discounts can form a vital part of your inventory control processes. Below, we examine the key features of a trade […] ... Read More

  September 15, 2017     

Should Your Business Give Trade Discounts?

Many businesses use trade discounts to simplify variable pricing, protect a market recognised price point, stimulate sales or reward customer loyalty. There are a number of sound reasons to consider giving trade discounts to specific customers. So, should your business consider a trade discount? What are trade discounts? To understand whether trade ... Read More

  September 8, 2017     

Pricing It Right: Trade Discounts

Trade discounts refer to a pricing strategy or incentive that a supplier might offer to a consumer to encourage loyalty and increased purchasing. There are many advantages to trade discounts for both the consumer and the supplier. Advantages of trade discounts for the consumer Lowered business costs By taking advantage of trade discounts, especiall ... Read More

  September 2, 2017