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Topic: traceability

5 Signs a F&B Business is Not Prepared For a Product Safety Recall

Product recalls have cost billions over the last five years, spanning over many sectors, not only unique to the food and beverage industry. Alarmingly, it is more than just bad luck. Industry reports show record spikes of food and product recalls, highlighting the problem is likely a result of poor training, poor control, a lack […] ... Read More

  February 12, 2020     

How Lot Traceability Can Help Your Business

If you’re the manager of a manufacturing business, you’ll do whatever it takes to keep a factory running without a hitch. Factories are complex, busy places with a lot of systems, machinery and processes in place. Technology plays a key part in the manufacturing world. We see the benefits of it clearly through lot traceability […] ... Read More

  July 30, 2019     

Hogan’s Cider achieves business accuracy with Unleashed Software

Working with a variety of clients across different verticals means that you need to have a good understanding of what specific customers need. The team at Unleashed want to understand as much as possible about the processes and challenges our customers are facing so that we are able to deliver a better value system. This […] ... Read More

  June 14, 2019     

Keeping an Eye on the Cosmetic Supply Chain

Cosmetics and personal beauty products make up a giant global industry. Forbes estimates that the beauty industry rakes in $445 billion dollars a year. The industry must be responsive to fashion as it is a driving force behind many of their consumer’s purchases. However, consumers are looking for more than just fashionable cosmetics these days. [ ... Read More

  May 14, 2018     

7 Inventory Management Techniques to Master

Understanding what you have in your warehouse, what you need to order in the coming weeks and what inventory is going into which product batches – it’s all crucial information for any stock-based business. Inventory management is important to keep stock-based businesses running. Here are seven basic techniques to get your inventory under co ... Read More

  January 11, 2018     

At The Cutting Edge: the State of New Zealand Manufacturing in 2017

Manufacturing is big business in New Zealand. Manufactured goods make up approximately 85% of our merchandise exports, with the manufacturing sector contributing over $23 billion of real GDP into the New Zealand economy in 2016. The New Zealand manufacturing sector is also on the rise; over the last several years, New Zealand’s manufacturing sect ... Read More

  September 28, 2017     

What Are The Serial Number Tracking Benefits?

Serial numbers are exceedingly unique and provide exceptional stock control. It’s important for companies to understand the nuances between a serial number and how it differentiates from other identifying codes or product numbers. Serial numbers can be represented as both numeric and alphanumeric and differ from product identifiers such as barcod ... Read More

  September 7, 2017