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Topic: supply chain

5 Essential Ways to Manage Seasonal Supply Chains

Supply chains are directly affected by supply and demand of markets. This holds true for seasonal goods but also peaks and dips throughout the business year, such as an increase in purchases over the holiday season and lower in off peak seasons. Food and beverage companies in particular need to be looking closely at inventory […] ... Read More

  June 29, 2018     

Optimise Your Supply Chain for Seasonal Demand Surge

The busy season where peak demand for your product can generate healthy revenue is both exciting and very challenging. Demand surges not only influence inventory stock levels and customer service satisfaction, but can also impact your entire supply chain. Getting the right inventory stock to the right place, in a timely manner is a massive [&hellip ... Read More

  June 18, 2018     

The Significance of Sustainable Supply Chains

Historically, supply chains have not been known for their sustainability. Supply chains can cause severe amounts of greenhouse gas emissions and use water where resources are scarce. As our environment is changing and resources are dwindling, there needs to be a widespread effort to make businesses accountable for their supply chain. Moving towards ... Read More

  June 8, 2018     

Improve Your Supply Chain with Machine Learning

A productive, efficient and smooth flowing supply chain can be the backbone of a successful business. An effective supply chain will allow you to be resourceful and reduce wastage, and one of best methods for achieving these goals is by accurately predicting demand. While a business is smaller, it may be a simple matter of […] ... Read More

  June 7, 2018     

What You Should Know About Seasonal Budgeting

Any business experiences highs and lows, although some businesses experience those fluctuations more than others. Some businesses are highly dynamic because they are poorly managed, but for most businesses the main culprit is seasonality. In the small business context, seasonality refers to fluctuations in some of the main business metrics (sales, ... Read More

  June 2, 2018     

World Wide Web Wednesday #34

Whether you need some lunch time reads or something to get you past hump day, we’ve curated five links you’ll enjoy! Will we ever truly care about sustainability? Sustainability, once a topic exclusively for hippies, has now become the latest buzzword among retailers. But are customers actually interested in understanding your supply chain or d ... Read More

  May 30, 2018     

Is Your Supply Chain GDPR Compliant?

If you are a business owner, the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation legislation may affect your supply chain. All companies processing personal data for those residing within the EU must comply to the GDPR – regardless of company location. In the following article, we’ll outline how GDPR may affect your supply cha ... Read More

  May 29, 2018     

4 Critical Factors that Lead to Supply Chain Failure

Learn to identify and assess the common risks in your supply chain. We have collated four underlying risk factors that may be present whenever supply chains go wrong. Offshoring and Country of Origin Offshoring can have many benefits but if it’s not implemented correctly with checks and balances in place for accountability, it can be [&hellip ... Read More

  May 24, 2018     

World Wide Web Wednesday #33

Whether you need some lunch time reads or something to get you past hump day, we’ve curated five links you’ll enjoy! Click and Mortar Gives Rise to a New Kind of Employee Retail is experiencing a shift to a new “click and mortar” business. This model blends together the traditional brick-and-mortar business and the digital […] ... Read More

  May 23, 2018     

Preparing Your Supply Chain for GDPR

Regardless of the industry you operate in or whether you are trading in raw materials, work in progress or finished items of inventory stock, your supply chain is what moves your product or service from supplier to consumer. The supply chain is a complex system of businesses, service providers, people, information and activities. Its multifaceted [ ... Read More

  May 22, 2018     

World Wide Web Wednesday #32

Whether you need some lunch time reads or something to get you past hump day, we’ve curated five links you’ll enjoy! What’s in a name? Far fewer Americans are naming their babies Alexa, the name that wakes Amazon’s now famous AI personal assistant. Read more about what’s behind the decline in the name. Moving forward […] ... Read More

  May 16, 2018     

Moving Your Distribution Off-Shore

International distribution describes the journey of products into international markets and the waiting hands of consumers overseas. Just as distribution can be complex on home soil where inventory management, customer demand, sales and shipping must all work harmoniously together, this is even more so for international distribution where there are ... Read More

  May 15, 2018     

How do you manage international distribution?

Entering the global economy with your product is easier than ever today. With the internet at everyone’s fingertips, your marketplace can be accessed by the world. Of course, there are export laws and distribution methods to learn, but right now the opportunities are vast. There are different ways to enter international markets including setting ... Read More

  May 14, 2018     

Keeping an Eye on the Cosmetic Supply Chain

Cosmetics and personal beauty products make up a giant global industry. Forbes estimates that the beauty industry rakes in $445 billion dollars a year. The industry must be responsive to fashion as it is a driving force behind many of their consumer’s purchases. However, consumers are looking for more than just fashionable cosmetics these days. [ ... Read More

  May 14, 2018     

The Path Forward for Retailers

The entire business world is changing as things becomes automated, data is obtained en masse and processes occur at the speed of light. The retail industry does not escape this harsh reality and in fact might even be leading the way in some respects. So what factors mark the future of the retail industry as […] ... Read More

  May 10, 2018     

Learn from these Supply Chain Mistakes

The supply chain is one of the most complex processes that a company must control. This is for many reasons including its vastness, its complexity with multiple businesses involved, its expanse over multiple geographical locations with multiple currencies and time-zones to contend with, and last but not least, its involvement of complex and vulnera ... Read More

  May 10, 2018     

Balancing Inventory Stock in the Cosmetic Industry

The ever-growing cosmetics industry comes with its own set of challenges regarding supply chain management and logistics. Along with typical supply chain issues of sustainability and quality, the cosmetics industry has to keep up with the quickly changing demands of customers, and stock a wide range of products to suit all consumers. The work put [ ... Read More

  May 7, 2018     

Understanding machine learning in the supply chain

The amount of data in the world is growing every second. What’s more is that this creation of data shows no sign of slowing down. Machine learning provides a solution to derive meaning from all this data. It’s one thing to create data, but it’s another to understand and leverage it. Machine learning is comprised […] ... Read More

  May 4, 2018     

The Supply Chain of Beauty, Unmasked

The cosmetic industry’s supply chain is arguably not any different from many other industries. However, theirs might be a little more convoluted and crucial to get right. Let us consider the cosmetic industry’s supply chain and how to enhance its efficiency and minimise waste. The supply chain: three logistical variables to consider The bas ... Read More

  May 3, 2018     

Sustainability in the Supply Chain: A Necessary Trend

A sustainable supply chain can refer to keeping it consistently productive. However, in this context, we will consider everything from an environmental, social and economic point of view. How will a supply chain be able to provide long-term sustainability to the company, planet and people? It is increasingly important to see things in an environmen ... Read More

  May 2, 2018     

Understanding the Cosmetic Industry’s Supply Chain

In the cosmetic industry, managing the supply chain efficiently and effectively is crucial for cosmetic companies to gain a competitive advantage. They must employ a multi-step logistics function to manage retailer requirements to help overcome the challenges caused by supply and demand inherent in the cosmetic industry. Supply Chain Fundamentals D ... Read More

  May 2, 2018     

Can Your Supply Chain Use Machine Learning?

A supply chain manages the movement of various supplies and inventory stock within a business. This involves planning, control and execution of daily supply chain activities and the storing of inventory stock. All with the goal to reduce waste, improve quality and to increase customer satisfaction. Intelligence Gathering Machine learning is a speci ... Read More

  April 30, 2018