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Topic: supply chain management

Convert Your Excess Inventory into Useful Inventory

You will likely have heard about the pitfalls of excess inventory. People will warn you not to overstock due to the array of holding costs you have to pay on inventory – and rightly so. Warehouse rent, heating and ventilation, security, spoilage, and financing costs are just some of the costs you will want to […] ... Read More

  October 5, 2016     

Five tried and true strategies to turn your overstock liability into a business advantage

Businesses that implement inventory management software, which integrates each node in the supply chain, are generally able to avoid running into an overstock issue. This is because it enables the ability to track, trace and account for inventory in real-time via the cloud. However, for those who remain ingrained in outdated inventory management s ... Read More

  August 28, 2016     

Why Is Safety Stock Important?

Safety stock is a term commonly used to describe a certain amount of inventory kept by a business in reserve, to protect against unforeseen events such as spikes in demand or supply shortages. Most businesses employ some kind of minimum level of stock in this way. The principal goal of safety stock is to ensure that there is sufficient product a ... Read More

  November 4, 2015