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Topic: supply chain management

How to implement a supply chain management system

Successfully rolling out a supply chain management system can be an extraordinarily complex and stressful project – not to mention expensive. Or it can be surprisingly simple. The trick is to make good decisions about what you’re getting into ahead of time, so that the considerable benefits quickly outweigh the short term effort.  Here we’ll ... Read More

  March 1, 2021     

Supply Chain Risk Management in 2021 and Beyond

What is supply chain risk management? Supply chain risk management is the process of identifying and managing issues within a supply chain. In practice, organisations take a co‐ordinated approach to managing both daily challenges and unique risks in the supply chain, typically using a supplier management software solution. The objective of supply ... Read More

  December 8, 2020     

5 Tips to Improve Omnichannel Inventory Management

The world of commerce is an ever-changing one. Tech developments such as 5G and the Internet of Things are reshaping everyday life. And that includes how we all shop. Customer support is evolving with social media, artificial intelligence and unified communications. That’s a lot for any eCommerce business to keep up with. Some things, though, [&h ... Read More

  June 25, 2020     

Building Recession-beating Supply Chain Resilience & Agility

Confronted with a pandemic, we’ve seen global supply chains struggle to cope with the consequences of isolation and work-from-home orders. The outbreak has completely changed buying behaviours and patterns. In many industries, demand has dropped off substantially or moved online. With recession looming in several economies we thought it timely to ... Read More

  April 21, 2020     

How You Can Tackle Your Supply Chain Inefficiencies

The supply chain is a dynamic, logistical-laden beast. It has so many interworking parts, organisations, relationships, information, technology and people. Everything and everyone is dependent on the suave execution of supply chain getting them the right goods and services, at the right time. They call it a chain for a reason — everything is inte ... Read More

  March 15, 2019     

Steps to Take When Creating an Efficient Supply Chain

When a company is aiming simply for continuous improvement, supply chain analysis is imperative. This is because the supply chain can make or break the business in terms of its ability to maintain the supply of product or services to their customers. And let us face it, without that, there is no income and no […] ... Read More

  March 2, 2019     

Why is a Digital Supply Chain So Important?

Much like any other process in production companies in the current global business climate, supply chains are becoming more and more digitalised as time marches on. However, despite this growing trend, there are still those that stick to more traditional supply chain management methods, even though the data shows digitalisation is profitable. So wh ... Read More

  September 20, 2018     

The Digital Supply Chain Explained

To define the digital supply chain, we must first define the supply chain. The supply chain describes the chain of processes, events and information sharing that occurs from the point at which a raw product or ingredient is supplied, all the way to when it is sold to the waiting consumer at the end of […] ... Read More

  September 20, 2018     

The First Step to Controlling Supply Chain Risks

The supply chain describes the processes and transfer of products and information from the origin or supplier all the way to the checkout counter in-store. As this is such a complex chain involving many hands and sometimes multiple countries with corresponding currencies and regulations, it can be fraught with uncertainties and risks. The supply ch ... Read More

  September 19, 2018     

Why Are Digital Supply Chains So Important?

In our increasingly digital world, consumers are demanding speed, convenience and accuracy. Technology has helped many businesses keep up with these demands, and in particular, the rise of the digital supply chain has increased efficiency for manufacturers. However, many companies are struggling to keep pace with the onslaught of digital trends tha ... Read More

  August 27, 2018     

Maximising Efficiency in the Supply Chain

Supply chain management is full of complexity and logistics. Economies around the world are dependent on effective supply chains to provide them with goods and services to run their cities and countries. In order for supply chains to work well, they need to be efficient. There are a variety of ways to optimise your supply […] ... Read More

  August 20, 2018     

Stepping Your Game Up: Increasing Supply Chain Efficiency

In the ever-competitive manufacturing industry, optimising your supply chain management techniques is key to succeeding in the field. Business logistics involve strategic planning expertise and continuous improvements. Effective supply chain management enables faster client delivery times, shorter processing times, more efficient stock control, and ... Read More

  August 7, 2018     

Optimise Your Supply Chain for Seasonal Demand Surge

The busy season where peak demand for your product can generate healthy revenue is both exciting and very challenging. Demand surges not only influence inventory stock levels and customer service satisfaction, but can also impact your entire supply chain. Getting the right inventory stock to the right place, in a timely manner is a massive [&hellip ... Read More

  June 18, 2018     

Taking Advantage of Business Seasonality

While some businesses see seasonality as a negative phenomenon, some businesses can find an advantage amongst the challenge; small improvements made during your off-peak season can be used to drive higher sales once the next busy season begins. Time to invest in staff Developing an appropriate staff strategy not only allows you to keep track [&hell ... Read More

  June 6, 2018     

4 Critical Factors that Lead to Supply Chain Failure

Learn to identify and assess the common risks in your supply chain. We have collated four underlying risk factors that may be present whenever supply chains go wrong. Offshoring and Country of Origin Offshoring can have many benefits but if it’s not implemented correctly with checks and balances in place for accountability, it can be [&hellip ... Read More

  May 24, 2018     

Learn from these Supply Chain Mistakes

The supply chain is one of the most complex processes that a company must control. This is for many reasons including its vastness, its complexity with multiple businesses involved, its expanse over multiple geographical locations with multiple currencies and time-zones to contend with, and last but not least, its involvement of complex and vulnera ... Read More

  May 10, 2018     

A Complete Guide to Managing Global Distribution

A distribution channel is the path by which all goods and services must travel to arrive at its intended consumer. These goods are sometimes passed to consumers through multiple channels. While increasing the channels can increase sales, it can also create a complex system that sometimes makes distribution management difficult, especially in an int ... Read More

  May 9, 2018     

The Supply Chain of Beauty, Unmasked

The cosmetic industry’s supply chain is arguably not any different from many other industries. However, theirs might be a little more convoluted and crucial to get right. Let us consider the cosmetic industry’s supply chain and how to enhance its efficiency and minimise waste. The supply chain: three logistical variables to consider The bas ... Read More

  May 3, 2018     

Sustainability in the Supply Chain: A Necessary Trend

A sustainable supply chain can refer to keeping it consistently productive. However, in this context, we will consider everything from an environmental, social and economic point of view. How will a supply chain be able to provide long-term sustainability to the company, planet and people? It is increasingly important to see things in an environmen ... Read More

  May 2, 2018     

Can Your Supply Chain Use Machine Learning?

A supply chain manages the movement of various supplies and inventory stock within a business. This involves planning, control and execution of daily supply chain activities and the storing of inventory stock. All with the goal to reduce waste, improve quality and to increase customer satisfaction. Intelligence Gathering Machine learning is a speci ... Read More

  April 30, 2018     

Keeping Your Supply Chain Sustainable

Sustainable supply chains are becoming increasingly popular among not only small, local businesses but also large multinational companies as well. This is first and foremost because they are seen as socially responsible and healthier for the environment. However, the benefits for your business itself should not be overlooked. In the article below, ... Read More

  April 30, 2018     

Is Your Sustainable Supply Chain Transparent?

Sustainability is a hot buzz word for companies in every industry. Consumers are looking for products that have a sustainable component or brands with a sustainable ethos. Companies are using it to leverage consumers in new markets and harness it as a selling point. Being sustainable isn’t just about the workers on the ground or […] ... Read More

  April 27, 2018