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Five Measures to Increase Efficiency and Reduce Cost in Your Business

There are several cost-reducing measures that your business can adopt today to increase your business’ bottom line. The important cost-reducing measures at the forefront of business operations that can directly impact your business’ costs are negotiating new contracts, taking advantage of opportunities by looking at alternative suppliers, havin ... Read More

  July 18, 2017     

Managing Risk: Five Strategies to Strengthen Your Business’ Supply Chain

Supply chains make and break businesses. The best thought out marketing plans and the most efficient inventory management strategy are unable to compensate for stock simply not being there. Supply chain management, which is all about ensuring reliability and redundancy within the procurement process, is critical to business success. Let’s look at ... Read More

  May 17, 2017     

Consignment inventory explained

Whether you're a supplier looking to get your products into retail or a retailer seeking product variety, there are benefits to consignment arrangements. ... Read More

  December 1, 2016     

How best to manage the risks you could be exposed to in your supply chain

There are many risks in the supply chain that can drastically affect a company’s profitability, reputation and ability to function optimally. These risks, in recent times, have been multiplied through things such as globalization, piracy, economic crises and exchange rates. Also, the move towards instant gratification and needing everything right ... Read More

  October 24, 2016     

The Supply Chain Crystal Ball: Managing Supply Chain Risk Better

In theory, intricate supply chains can provide a great deal of comfort. Every detail is mapped out in meticulous detail - not just where inventory is coming from and going to, but how it will get there and within what timeframe. In reality, not even the best logistics experts can predict the future so as a result, supply arrangements will always in ... Read More

  October 13, 2016     

Improving your distribution inventory management

It’s no secret that inventory management is critical for a distribution business. Distributors make money by selling their inventory to customers (whether they are consumers, retailers, or other businesses) for the lowest operational cost. This can only be achieved by efficient distribution inventory management. Although the concept is simple eno ... Read More

  September 23, 2016