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Best Practices for Inventory Spring Cleaning

Even the best inventory management system requires the occasional clean-out of excess product. When it’s time to spring clean your stock, it could also be time to focus on the organising inventory control to optimise management processes. Improving inventory accuracy can be achieved by regularly taking stock and managing supplies accordingly. Whi ... Read More

  June 5, 2018     

Is Your Supply Chain GDPR Compliant?

If you are a business owner, the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation legislation may affect your supply chain. All companies processing personal data for those residing within the EU must comply to the GDPR – regardless of company location. In the following article, we’ll outline how GDPR may affect your supply cha ... Read More

  May 29, 2018     

Preparing Your Supply Chain for GDPR

Regardless of the industry you operate in or whether you are trading in raw materials, work in progress or finished items of inventory stock, your supply chain is what moves your product or service from supplier to consumer. The supply chain is a complex system of businesses, service providers, people, information and activities. Its multifaceted [ ... Read More

  May 22, 2018     

Is Your Supply Chain Setting You Up for Failure?

Supply chain problems often result in failure for a company, making it imperative to learn from the mistakes of others so you don’t run into the same problems yourself. When a company chooses to outsource components of their supply chain, they are often putting their reputation at risk. Since the supply chain is a very […] ... Read More

  April 28, 2018     

A Domestic Supply Chain: Should You Source Locally?

For many small business owners, keeping costs low is important to being sustainable. For this reason, many look to source their materials and products from international markets, especially when sourcing locally is more expensive. While sourcing internationally can reduce costs, there are many benefits that come with sourcing domestically which any ... Read More

  April 26, 2018     

Benefits of a Domestic Supply Chain

The success of a business, amongst other things, is largely dependent on their ability to supply their product or service to a customer exactly when and in what quantity they require. It is this ability that can be compromised by so many factors, the main one being supply chain management and accurate and reliable fulfilment […] ... Read More

  February 17, 2018     

Just How Ethical is Global Sourcing?

From a pure cost perspective, global sourcing often yields the cheaper option to produce a company’s end product. This means the company is left with a cost- effective finished product, ready for sale. This allows them to be competitive in the market and they will often pass on low prices to consumers as well. However, […] ... Read More

  February 7, 2018     

Considerations of Global Sourcing

Global sourcing is a viable option for securing materials, components, products or even services for your business. Looking outside of your domestic market can yield a variety of benefits not available through local sourcing avenues. Usually with global sourcing it’s easy to think about manufactured products being produced overseas and transporte ... Read More

  February 7, 2018     

Choosing Between Local or International Suppliers

As industries increase in globalisation, establishing trading relationships with suppliers further and further afield, there is a concurrent and rather ironic push for consumers to support local entities and ‘shop small’. The idea of course is that sourcing products locally increases the likelihood that products are hand-made with attention to ... Read More

  February 5, 2018     

5 Things to Know About Sourcing Globally

Global sourcing occurs when companies go beyond their home borders for sourcing goods and services. There are many benefits to doing so, but there also are risks involved, we have identified five major risks and some ways to mitigate them. Time Differences Having a supplier on the other side of the world often means that […] ... Read More

  February 3, 2018     

Where Should You Source From?

In today’s global economy, there are more options than ever before to support your supply chain. The abundance of options can mean sourcing materials and finished products can become an interesting predicament. There are competitive options and opportunities in the domestic and international markets. With these options come pros and cons in eithe ... Read More

  January 31, 2018     

The Perks of Sourcing Domestically

In this global economy, it’s easy to look far and wide for sourcing, especially when the information is at the tips of our fingers. Modern supply chains are built around international sourcing philosophies. Historically, by importing materials and products, a company could reduce their production costs. However, if you are a business looking to s ... Read More

  January 29, 2018     

How Better Supply Chain Management Can Give Manufacturers a Competitive Edge

It’s a tough time for many manufacturers; increasing competition from markets with comparatively low labour and input costs is putting pressure on many local manufacturers. Some sectors, such as automotive manufacturing, are slowly disappearing from large western economies – only recently, almost 100 years of car making history came to an e ... Read More

  January 12, 2018     

Sourcing Internationally: How Can You Manage the Risks?

When it comes to procurement, manufacturing inventory abroad offers some clear advantages over sourcing product at home. Whether you're a scaled up multinational importer or a small retailer looking to unlock some small cost savings, there's a good chance that you'll procure at least some of your product from abroad. But what about the ... Read More

  December 23, 2017     

6 Factors of Considering a New Supplier

The best suppliers will provide the most suitable goods or services at the right prices and within the right time frames for your business needs. Below we give you six factors you need to know when considering a new supplier. Finding a Supplier A great place to start is generally online. This is one of […] ... Read More

  December 16, 2017     

Finding Value-Adding Suppliers

When running a company, it is vital to understand all factors affecting inventory management, which includes suppliers and the dependence of the company on them. Without product supply, the company cannot provide for their own customer’s needs which essentially jeopardises profits and survival. However, it is not just the act of being able to sup ... Read More

  December 16, 2017     

From supplier to customer: 5 challenges in the supply chain

The importance of a company’s supply chain should never be underestimated. The supply chain is, after all, the lifeline to product supply, stock control, sales and thus company profitability. However, there are many factors that make managing the supply chain very difficult. The key to dealing with them successfully is to understand them and how ... Read More

  November 1, 2017     

Suppliers: Factors Affecting Inventory Management For F&B Producers

Suppliers are one of the biggest factors affecting inventory management Managing supply chains can be difficult business , particularly if you cannot rely on suppliers to meet your commercial deadlines and deliver quality products first time. A poorly managed supply chain is one of the biggest factors affecting inventory management; in the food man ... Read More

  September 16, 2017     

Factors Impacting Inventory Management

Understanding what impacts your inventory management system is crucial, regardless of what type of business you run. These factors can influence your business profitability in ways you might not have considered! Factors That Affect Inventory Management Product Availability Product availability is something to consider when identifying factors that ... Read More

  September 2, 2017     

Six Tips to Reduce Inventory Lead Times

In business, getting access to and holding the inventory you need is key. Holding large reserves of inventory is one way to ensure your business has enough stock on hand, but a better solution may be to focus on reducing lead times in your business’ supply chain. Being able to order stock quickly takes away […] ... Read More

  August 21, 2017     

Implementing win-win supplier relationship management techniques

It is time to start embracing supplier relationship management (SRM). There are a number of general principles that are useful to understanding, promoting and implementing good SRM in business. With some listed below, these tools represent a checklist on what may be possible between the specific business, supply chain and key relationships players ... Read More

  July 28, 2017     

Four proven critical strategies to improve inventory management

Inventory management is the lifeblood of the supply chain. It is a system that is interconnected – it is critical to know what the perfect balance of supply and demand is or else disadvantages are inevitable. If you do not have enough inventory you miss out on a lost sale from customers. If you have […] ... Read More

  July 26, 2017