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Topic: supplier management

4 Strategies to Improve Supply Chain Efficiency for Manufacturing Business Owners

Manufacturers typically perform planning, sourcing (finding suppliers), making (manufacturing), delivering and returns. Supply chain efficiency, therefore, is the measure of getting the right product to the right place at the right time — and at the least cost. Remember, efficiency is not the same as efficacy. Traditionally, supply chain manageme ... Read More

  February 18, 2019     

Building Effective Supplier Relationships

Your suppliers play a vital role in ensuring your businesses success, but this isn’t only because they provide you with vital goods and materials. Your suppliers offer much more if you seek out ways to build strong relationships with them. In this article we look at the benefits of building supplier relationships for your business. […] ... Read More

  August 9, 2018     

The Value of Supplier Relationship Management

Supplier relationship management, abbreviated as SRM, is essentially how your business engages with the vendors who supply your goods, services, and raw materials that make your business function. Having effective SRM in your business isn’t always easy. Every supplier operates slightly differently and provides something slightly different for you ... Read More

  August 8, 2018     

Why Your Business Should Invest in Supplier Relationship Management

Suppliers are as important as your clients and customers; without suppliers to handle shipping, inventory manufacturing and outsourced services, many businesses would struggle to keep up. Most businesses are increasingly focused on end-user satisfaction but make sure that your business is not overlooking its suppliers. Build strong, successful rela ... Read More

  August 1, 2018     

Choosing Between Local or International Suppliers

As industries increase in globalisation, establishing trading relationships with suppliers further and further afield, there is a concurrent and rather ironic push for consumers to support local entities and ‘shop small’. The idea of course is that sourcing products locally increases the likelihood that products are hand-made with attention to ... Read More

  February 5, 2018     

Deciphering the Benefits of Supplier Relationship Management

What is a supplier relationship management? Effectively, supplier relationship management (SRM) is a systematic, enterprise-wide process, analysing supplier’s assets and capabilities against the company’s business strategy. This process assesses and determines what activities a business wants to take part in with different suppliers. It allows ... Read More

  January 26, 2018     

6 Factors of Considering a New Supplier

The best suppliers will provide the most suitable goods or services at the right prices and within the right time frames for your business needs. Below we give you six factors you need to know when considering a new supplier. Finding a Supplier A great place to start is generally online. This is one of […] ... Read More

  December 16, 2017     

Managing Your Inventory Over the Holiday Season

Managing inventory is hard enough at any time within a normal business cycle. It becomes increasingly challenging over the holiday season when most retailers experience major peaks in demand for many goods and services. The holiday season is not only busy but often unpredictable and can really mess with your stock control. Unseasonable weather patt ... Read More

  December 15, 2017     

Feeding and Growing Your Supplier Relationship

PricewaterhouseCoopers have conducted research into supplier relationship management and have found that sadly, few companies do it well. Successful supplier relationship management (SRM) is an untapped source of opportunity which should be carefully considered and implemented for increased business success and smooth operations. Rarely are compani ... Read More

  November 24, 2017     

Obstacles and Opportunities for Beverage Industry

The beverage industry is highly competitive, which is why it is important to be efficient and stay up-to-date with nutritional trends and consumer tastes. Understanding the challenges and opportunities in both the industry and the market are important for any beverage manufacturer. Revenue in the beverage industry stems from the demand that is driv ... Read More

  November 22, 2017     

Five Tips to Keep Costs Under Control in Tight Times

As the external environment tightens, small businesses are feeling the pressure to be competitive more than ever. Businesses that reduce costs and operate efficiently enjoy increased margins and can boost revenue by passing some of these savings on to their consumers. A key task for high achieving leadership teams is to identify areas to reduce [&h ... Read More

  November 21, 2017     

Survival 101: Grocery Price War

Globally, we are seeing an all-out war develop between grocery companies. In New Zealand, we are largely sheltered from this, as we are small and only have a handful of local supermarkets. In the United States and the UK however, it is a different story. Grocery chains fight, sometimes unwillingly, in this war simply to […] ... Read More

  October 16, 2017     

Suppliers: Factors Affecting Inventory Management For F&B Producers

Suppliers are one of the biggest factors affecting inventory management Managing supply chains can be difficult business , particularly if you cannot rely on suppliers to meet your commercial deadlines and deliver quality products first time. A poorly managed supply chain is one of the biggest factors affecting inventory management; in the food man ... Read More

  September 16, 2017     

Six Tips to Reduce Inventory Lead Times

In business, getting access to and holding the inventory you need is key. Holding large reserves of inventory is one way to ensure your business has enough stock on hand, but a better solution may be to focus on reducing lead times in your business’ supply chain. Being able to order stock quickly takes away […] ... Read More

  August 21, 2017     

Contrasting Trade and Cash Discounts

Most businesses will use discounts and price reductions at some point in their business journey. For a growing business, discounts can be a way to attract business, clear excess inventory, differentiate between market segments or encourage prompt payment of invoices. Discounts are often thought to be the exclusive preserve of retail businesses. In ... Read More

  August 9, 2017     

Aim For Better Supplier Relationship Management

In any stock-based business, it is crucial to manage supplier relationships well. Developing constructive relationships with your business’ key suppliers is important to secure reliable supply, unlock competitive pricing and to understand emerging trends that may impact on your business. Despite a growing number of businesses taking a supplier re ... Read More

  August 7, 2017     

Four proven critical strategies to improve inventory management

Inventory management is the lifeblood of the supply chain. It is a system that is interconnected – it is critical to know what the perfect balance of supply and demand is or else disadvantages are inevitable. If you do not have enough inventory you miss out on a lost sale from customers. If you have […] ... Read More

  July 26, 2017     

Selecting Suppliers: Three Factors to Consider

Many businesses find it difficult to identify reliable suppliers who can deliver quality product on time. Whether you are a manufacturer, a wholesaler or a retailer, liaising and negotiating with suppliers can be a stressful and time-consuming process. Let’s look at three key factors you should consider when selecting a supplier. Negotiating pric ... Read More

  July 24, 2017     

Do You Know the True Costs of Inventory?

There are three costs of inventory that should be carefully considered as they can drastically affect the bottom line without any apparent cause. ... Read More

  April 18, 2017     

The Basics of Inventory Management

Inventory management is the ability to oversee the ordering and storing of supplies for a business - here's the basics for getting it right. ... Read More

  April 4, 2017     

How does consignment inventory work?

Consignment inventory is a useful arrangement that allows a supplier and a retailer to create a “win-win” scenario through the sharing of risk. ... Read More

  March 21, 2017     

Need to Streamline Your Inventory Management?

In today's competitive business environment, it's important to have strategies in place that make the inventory management process as easy and efficient as possible. We detail five ways to streamline your inventory management.

... Read More

  December 7, 2015