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How Stocktaking Can Shed Light on Inventory Turnover

An accurate stock take ensures that the inventory turnover ratio is going to be a reliable tool. If the numbers are right, business owners can plan for the future. It is a powerful part of inventory management and allows the business to make smarter decisions on what parts of the inventory stock they should invest […] ... Read More

  May 21, 2019     

Is Your Inventory Management System Saving You Time?

As a business owner, it’s understandable that you want to keep costs low. After all, low costs and low overhead means more at the bottom line for the business, right? Essentially yes, but what if those low-cost measures are costing you more in lost opportunities? Basically, opportunity cost is the alternative cost or value of […] ... Read More

  March 30, 2019     

How Can I Make Sure My Business is Ready for Action in the New Year?

You’ve had your Christmas party, you’ve shipped your final orders for the holiday season and you’re enjoying your time off. But it’s never too early to start thinking about the following year – and there’s plenty to think about when it comes to making the year easier on yourself and your employees. One of the […] ... Read More

  February 8, 2019     

Use These Inventory Management Tips to Save You Money

Inventory stock can earn you money or cost you money depending on how you manage it. If your inventory stock is managed properly, it will allow you to move products quickly and efficiently, earning you money faster. However, if you have shelves of dead inventory stock taking up space throughout your warehouse and other obstacles […] ... Read More

  February 4, 2019     

Understanding Stock Take Discrepancies and Why They Happen

A stock take discrepancy can present a real problem for businesses, potentially costing the bottom-line in lost sales, build-up of surplus stock, and perhaps most detrimentally – creating dissatisfied customers. Accurate stock recording and inventory management are essential to understanding a company’s true capacity to meet and capitalise ... Read More

  October 13, 2018     

Don’t Let Inventory Discrepancies Affect Your Accounting

A reliable stock taking procedure allows businesses to know its inventory count and value, not only informing decision-makers and driving operations but also ensuring accurate information is available to accountants, auditors and financial controllers who prepare annual reports, balance sheets and essential statements of earnings. Identifying discr ... Read More

  October 13, 2018     

4 Things Retailers Should Do During Off-Peak Period

It’s the start of winter in the Southern Hemisphere and sales are usually low in this off-peak period. This down time provides retails with a huge opportunity to properly prepare and effectively plan for the peak shopping season ahead. Spring clean That’s right, this is the perfect time to have a good old fashion spring […] ... Read More

  June 28, 2018     

How Businesses Can Optimise Off-peak Season

When business is booming you are often so busy keeping pace with consumer demand that you don’t have time for major projects and activities. This is where your off-season provides you with a great opportunity to undertake renovations, planning activities and market research. Quiet times in business give you the chance to reassess your stockta ... Read More

  June 22, 2018     

How to Manage Inventory in a Seasonal Business

Managing inventory in a seasonal business may need a slightly different approach than businesses who experience steady demand throughout the year. In this article, we outline how business owners can effectively manage inventory in their seasonal business. Research and Predict Demand Trends While you may have a general idea of when demand will pick ... Read More

  June 19, 2018     

Preparing for the Festive Season During a Seasonal Lull

For retailers, sales often increase dramatically during the holiday season in the build up to the holidays. In fact, nearly three quarters admit that this time of year accounts for 20% of their annual sales. This obviously means that the summer season may be significantly quieter for retailers. However, business owners should use this down [&hellip ... Read More

  June 7, 2018     

How to Manage a Seasonal Supply Chain

Supply chains are the backbone to the success of any business, large or small. That’s why it is extremely important to ensure all processes in your supply chain work as effectively and productively as possible. Managing your supply chain can become increasingly difficult to manage when it comes to seasonal fluctuations in demand. The changing [&h ... Read More

  June 7, 2018     

An SME’s End of Financial Year Checklist

As the financial year in Australia comes to a close, businesses are rapidly trying to tie loose ends together. Here are some of the key tasks you need to complete in order to start your new business year with a bang! Finalise sales orders Outstanding sales orders should be completed prior to a stocktake. If […] ... Read More

  May 25, 2018     

4 Common Stocktaking Mistakes

Completing a stock take once or twice a year is essential for maintaining healthy inventory levels and preventing losses. However, many businesses make some key mistakes when going about the stock take that can be fatal for the company’s success. In this article, we highlight a few key areas in which business owners tend to […] ... Read More

  April 13, 2018     

Stocktaking vs Cycle Counting: Understanding the Differences

Any business, large or small, must perform some sort of count of their inventory at some point in time. There are two commonly accepted methods of counting inventory stock: stocktaking or cycle counting. The method that will best suit a particular company needs to be carefully considered as they are drastically different and can have […] ... Read More

  April 12, 2018     

How to Count Your Inventory for a Stock Take

Maintaining inventory is a big job. It is a business’ biggest asset and it pays off to count it properly. Counting your inventory can be done in different ways. It is important to understand which type of counting system is right for your business when doing a stock take. Inventory can be counted on an […] ... Read More

  March 19, 2018     

Common Pitfalls of Stock Taking

Stock taking is an important part of inventory management and as the name implies, it involves counting the inventory stock on hand. It is often an avoided task as it can be difficult and tedious, however an accurate count is essential for good inventory control. As simple as counting items sounds, there are some common […] ... Read More

  January 24, 2018     

How to Manage Your Beverage Inventory with Online Inventory Management

Every warehouse is different and every company’s inventory is unique. Some inventory is perishable and other inventory has an indefinite shelf life. If you are in the beverage industry, there are a variety of ways to manage your inventory effectively. Benefitting from a great inventory management system Keeping tabs on your stock is an important ... Read More

  January 22, 2018     

A Successful Stock Take: Six Mistakes to Avoid

Stock taking is a crucial event on any business’ calendar – it’s that time of year, quarter or even month for businesses to reconcile the actual stock in the warehouse against the stock on the books. Your stock take will look different depending on the type and size of business you run. That said, there […] ... Read More

  January 15, 2018     

Stock Taking for the Drinks Industry

Inventory management and stock taking are painful processes for any business, however it seems it can be a far more daunting task for the drinks industry due to the level of estimation required and variances in the quantity of product sold. If you are a bar owner however, do not despair as there are tried […] ... Read More

  December 25, 2017     

5 Inventory Stock Mistakes You Are Making

Inventory stock management is the life line of many businesses. A better understanding of how to manage inventory stock is critical to any successful business but many are putting their businesses in shortfalls. Are you guilty of making these five inventory stock management mistakes? If so, here’s how to avoid them. Not automating Inventory stock ... Read More

  December 22, 2017     

Taking Stock of Your Beverages

Many businesses have a way to track their beverage inventory stock. As you begin your journey down the sales funnel it is important to keep track of your inventory stock. Knowing how much product you have on hand at any given moment is critical so that you can order products when it gets low and […] ... Read More

  December 21, 2017     

How to Resolve Stock Take Discrepancies

Performing a complete stock take at least once year can be tedious, however it is critical for maintaining healthy inventory levels and minimising losses in a business. Stock take is important because it reveals discrepancies between inventory stock records and the number of stock you actually have. Uncovering the issues that attribute to stock los ... Read More

  December 20, 2017