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Topic: stock forecasting

2 ways to reduce lead times in the supply chain

Lead times play a huge role in inventory management. Lead times are the amount of time it takes for you to receive your products from the time you place a purchase order with your supplier. That means if you can reduce your lead time, the results will create a need to carry less stock, allowing […] ... Read More

  July 24, 2017     

Inventory management overview: what is it and what are some of the benefits?

Inventory management may be a term you have heard thrown around business journals, although you may have never had a good understanding of how to achieve it. Inventory management is basically just that, managing inventory and ensuring that the balance of inventory coming in to inventory being manufactured and shipped out is as close as […] ... Read More

  July 13, 2017     

Lean Manufacturing and the Food Industry

Lean is a philosophy of delivering value from a customer’s point of view, eliminating waste and continuously and improving a food company’s processes. ... Read More

  April 12, 2017     

Common inventory mistakes and how to fix them

Inventory management is such a critical aspect of business operations that when things go wrong, there can be far-reaching consequences ... Read More

  January 25, 2017