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Topic: stock counts

Stocktaking vs Cycle Counting: Understanding the Differences

Any business, large or small, must perform some sort of count of their inventory at some point in time. There are two commonly accepted methods of counting inventory stock: stocktaking or cycle counting. The method that will best suit a particular company needs to be carefully considered as they are drastically different and can have […] ... Read More

  April 12, 2018     

Periodic Inventory Systems Explained

A periodic inventory system updates inventory at the end of a certain time period within a business, and means periodically counting all stock. ... Read More

  March 8, 2017     

Five Tips to Take Control of Small Business Inventory

Inventory management software can help you keep track of all the moving parts. Here are five tips to take control of your inventory. ... Read More

  January 14, 2017     

How Should You Count Your Stock?

A physical count of stock is a necessary evil for businesses – nobody wants to bring trade to a halt for a count that has to be done. It doesn’t have to be too painful, however – count your stock as efficiently as you can with our tips for speed and accuracy. Get the timing […] ... Read More

  March 17, 2016