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Topic: stock control

5 Essential Reports for Effective Stock Control

Whether you’re in manufacturing, distribution or wholesale, knowing your inventory position inside out is almost a prerequisite for an efficient, scalable operation. Despite its importance to ensure the business is well-placed to grow, many businesses (SMEs in particular) don’t have the necessary inventory data to optimise inventory throughout ... Read More

  August 20, 2018     

Incorporating eCommerce into Inventory Management

Using an eCommerce platform to sell your product is an effective way to reach more customers. It can help grow the scope of your business and provide momentum into new markets. An essential part of a successful eCommerce platform is supporting it with an online inventory management system. Keeping track of stock With online inventory […] ... Read More

  August 13, 2018     

The Important Players in the Supply Chain

The role of inventory in the supply chain is significant because the entire function of a supply chain is to move products and supplies, from one place to another while adhering to specific time frames. Supply chains consist of more than just a few functional teams. They encompass the areas of purchasing, manufacturing, logistics, marketing, [&hell ... Read More

  August 11, 2018     

Planning for Inventory Management in a Seasonal Business

For those businesses that operate in an industry that is seasonal by nature, inventory management becomes even more complex. Navigating seasonal fluctuations requires owners to have sufficient inventory control skills so that they remain profitable during the slow season and can survive through the off season. Planning is crucial and even if you on ... Read More

  June 28, 2018     

Inventory Mastery: Where Should Online Businesses Start?

With consumers demanding quicker turnover and a larger product range, the online retail industry has to keep up with much more complex customer needs than a decade ago. Managing inventory well is essential for reaching customer expectations; let’s look at some easily achievable ways to get closer to best practice inventory management. Keeping dat ... Read More

  June 26, 2018     

Leveraging the Cloud for Inventory Mastery

As an e-commerce operator, the lack of physical shop space can lead companies to believe their stock doesn’t need to be managed at such a high level. In reality, inventory management is more important for businesses in the highly contested e-commerce space than brick and mortar stores. Effectively managing inventory can identify the errors in [&h ... Read More

  June 25, 2018     

4 Tips to Manage Inventory in a Seasonal Business

For many small, independent businesses, managing inventory is one of the most challenging aspects of running a business. Unfortunately, inventory management can be even more challenging when firms operate seasonally. Here are four ways to make sure you are well placed to manage stock throughout the ups and downs of the year. Forecasting is critical ... Read More

  June 21, 2018     

Webinar: Powerful Stock Control for your Clients

Did you catch our webinar Powerful Stock Control for your Clients? Our UK Territory Manager, Stephen Jones, hosted a great webinar last week to help our Partners understand the role they play in advising their clients on a comprehensive cloud strategy. Missed out on the webinar but want to catch up on what was discussed? […] ... Read More

  June 19, 2018     

5 Tips to Manage a Seasonal Business

Seasonality is an often overlooked aspect of business for budding entrepreneurs, yet one that is a very large threat to success if not adequately managed. To help manage this, here are some of our favourite tips to help you manage the unique challenge of seasonality. Know your industry This sounds obvious, but it’s surprising how […] ... Read More

  June 12, 2018     

Preparing for the Festive Season During a Seasonal Lull

For retailers, sales often increase dramatically during the holiday season in the build up to the holidays. In fact, nearly three quarters admit that this time of year accounts for 20% of their annual sales. This obviously means that the summer season may be significantly quieter for retailers. However, business owners should use this down [&hellip ... Read More

  June 7, 2018     

Effective Seasonal Pricing Can Improve Your Cashflow

Many traditional and e-commerce businesses are seasonal, and this seasonality will affect different industries in different ways. Stock control is one of the biggest challenges that surges in demand and seasonality will place on a business. Seasonal demand fluctuations can also impact staffing, scheduling operations and more critically, cash flow. ... Read More

  June 6, 2018     

Taking Advantage of Business Seasonality

While some businesses see seasonality as a negative phenomenon, some businesses can find an advantage amongst the challenge; small improvements made during your off-peak season can be used to drive higher sales once the next busy season begins. Time to invest in staff Developing an appropriate staff strategy not only allows you to keep track [&hell ... Read More

  June 6, 2018     

Using Machine Learning in Inventory Management

For businesses with growth ambitions, it’s important to get a handle on the key factors affecting inventory management. Any business dealing with stock will be aware of the difficulties surrounding managing stock levels, optimising inventory space, dealing with inaccurate forecasting, managing idle and redundant stock, and delivering to customers ... Read More

  May 31, 2018     

Is it Time to Spring Clean Your Inventory Stock?

In retail, one of the primary reasons for holding stock is to reduce the risk of stock-outs and the potential of lost sales. Additionally, seasonal supply and demand fluctuations may require companies to hold higher stock levels at certain times throughout their business cycle. Whatever your reasons for holding stock, it is important to manage [&he ... Read More

  May 26, 2018     

How to Deal with your Excess Stock and Stay Green

In an ideal world, your business would never have excess or obsolete inventory. However, this can and often does happen when demand for certain products decreases and supply remains steady or increases. This is not only an issue for your business financially, but if it isn’t handled appropriately it can also lead to wastage, which […] ... Read More

  May 7, 2018     

3 Signs It’s Time to Rethink Your Stock Control

Managing inventory well will look different for every company; lean companies have less inventory, risk averse businesses have more. Every business keeps track of their inventory slightly differently. As your business grows, you’ll need to think critically about how effectively you’re keeping track of this important facet of your business. But ... Read More

  May 5, 2018     

A Plan for Retail in the Digital Age

Despite the ever-developing digital shopping experience, retail shops are not a dying experience. By using innovative technology and artificial intelligence, the in-store experience can offer more than online sales through tactile experiences and other offline strengths. Digital techniques can improve marketing success and make it easier to manage ... Read More

  April 26, 2018     

3 Supply Chain Disasters and How You Can Avoid Repeating Them

All It Takes is One Component Early in 2016, Oculus started taking preorders for the hotly anticipated Oculus Rift VR kit – the stuff off the future. The Rift sold well – all of the units cleared within the hour. Sadly, Oculus’ supply chain management was not the stuff of the future; despite promising that […] ... Read More

  April 18, 2018     

Putting Two and Two Together: Manufacturing Inventory Management and Quality Control

When it comes to quality control as a manufacturer, it’s important to remember the role inventory management has on your ability to moderate quality. In terms of running a business, your aim will be to make quality products that will sell, with as little waste as possible. This makes sense because wasted product is quite […] ... Read More

  April 18, 2018     

4 Common Stocktaking Mistakes

Completing a stock take once or twice a year is essential for maintaining healthy inventory levels and preventing losses. However, many businesses make some key mistakes when going about the stock take that can be fatal for the company’s success. In this article, we highlight a few key areas in which business owners tend to […] ... Read More

  April 13, 2018     

A Closer Look at Inventory Management Best Practice

Learning the best practices for inventory management is a priceless investment for any business. Inventory is one of the biggest assets for a company as there is a lot of capital investment that goes into inventory. Of course, inventory leads to product sales and then revenue for the company, however, the equation is not that […] ... Read More

  March 27, 2018     

5 Inventory Stock Metrics for Business Success

When it comes to making the best decisions that can directly impact your business’ bottom line, it is imperative to derive actionable insights from your business’ inventory stock data. It is crucial for any business to understand key stock inventory metrics that informs this data, thus enabling your business to make better informed decisions. I ... Read More

  March 19, 2018