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Topic: software training

Use Unleashed Academy to Hone Your Inventory Management Skills

Investing in training employees can help them develop their skills and empower them to be more effective and engaged in their work, resulting in increased productivity. If you want to successfully implement a new inventory management system, this is a crucial step you cannot miss. Without properly training your workforce, you risk them making error ... Read More

  April 10, 2018     

4 Reasons You Should Train Your Staff in Inventory Management

The act of training staff benefits both the company and the individuals alike. The company builds a competent workforce that creates less errors and as a result, costs the company less. The individuals themselves feel confident in their work, empowered and they feel valued as a result. Staff training does not simply extend to production […] ... Read More

  April 6, 2018     

Change Management: Easier Said Than Done?

No company would ever realise its long-term goals without a systematic plan in place to get there. This detailed planning process is termed ‘change management’ and is essential for successful growth. Change management is not just useful for a major shake up, such as a management change or a change in location; even small things […] ... Read More

  August 9, 2017     

Introduction to the Unleashed Sales Process

What is a Quote? A Sales Quote enables a potential buyer to see what the costs might be for the product or service that is delivered to them. In Unleashed, you can use Sales Quotes to start this sales process simply by setting up a quote and sending this to a customer for review. Unleashed provides you […] ... Read More

  August 26, 2016