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Topic: serial numbers

Serial number tracking: Everything you need to know

Serial numbers or SNs have become ubiquitous in modern life: they’re on our phones, and in our software. They’re engraved on our cars and printed on the packages that are couriered to our doorsteps (and more importantly, on packages that never make it to doorsteps). They’re also a very useful part of modern inventory management. [… ... Read More

  June 18, 2020     

Weathering the Storm: How Inventory Software can help you Manage a Product Recall

Product recalls are commonplace and are to be expected in many mass-inventory industries such as in the automotive, pharmaceutical and food industries. The risks and consequences involved in navigating the recall process can be unnerving. A product safety issue usually triggers a recall, so there are significant financial, legal and reputation risk ... Read More

  February 14, 2020     

Six ways software can keep your stock accurate

Accurate inventory an effective way of controlling costs, which is why employing inventory software tools will keep stock accurate. ... Read More

  December 2, 2016