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Topic: serial number tracking

Serial number tracking: Everything you need to know

Serial numbers or SNs have become ubiquitous in modern life: they’re on our phones, and in our software. They’re engraved on our cars and printed on the packages that are couriered to our doorsteps (and more importantly, on packages that never make it to doorsteps). They’re also a very useful part of modern inventory management. [… ... Read More

  June 18, 2020     

Aston Microphones: Knowing Exactly What Our Stock Is Worth

Take a look at the list of artists that use Aston Microphones and you’ll be treated to a who’s who of the music industry in the UK and beyond. Catering to such demanding customers means creating a product that is at the absolute top of its game — and dealing with such high-end goods requires […] ... Read More

  January 15, 2020     

How Business Owners Can Minimise the Impact of Product Recalls

At some stage in time, it’s very likely that most business owners will experience having to manage a product recall. While having to implement a product recall certainly is not ideal, there are some key steps businesses can take to make the process as pain-free as possible. It is essential to have processes and systems […] ... Read More

  July 3, 2019     

3 Tips to Help You Manage Product Recalls

When something goes wrong with your product, a recall might be on the cards. There is a whole spectrum when it comes to product recalls. Sometimes they are relatively benign and easy to fix, or they can span to being very dangerous, expensive or both. Depending on what you’ve sold and what the problem is, […] ... Read More

  June 19, 2019     

How and Why You Should Use Serial Number Tracking

Controlling inventory is a difficult process that can be even more daunting without the use of serial numbers and inventory management software. Tracking inventory throughout the manufacturing process facilitates quality management as it is far easier to ascertain where problems are occurring in order to eliminate them. It is about being able to fi ... Read More

  April 19, 2018     

What Are The Serial Number Tracking Benefits?

Serial numbers are exceedingly unique and provide exceptional stock control. It’s important for companies to understand the nuances between a serial number and how it differentiates from other identifying codes or product numbers. Serial numbers can be represented as both numeric and alphanumeric and differ from product identifiers such as barcod ... Read More

  September 7, 2017     

Understanding Perpetual Inventory

A perpetual inventory system allows businesses to keep a real-time account of what inventory they have in stock on a continual basis. ... Read More

  April 3, 2017     

Common inventory mistakes and how to fix them

Inventory management is such a critical aspect of business operations that when things go wrong, there can be far-reaching consequences ... Read More

  January 25, 2017     

Consignment inventory explained

Whether you're a supplier looking to get your products into retail or a retailer seeking product variety, there are benefits to consignment arrangements. ... Read More

  December 1, 2016     

Tielka Organic Tea Creates Customer Trust

Rebecca Domorev loves a good cup of quality tea, something she’s helping to bring to the Australian market as Director and Co-Founder of Tielka Specialty Fairtrade Organic Tea. Tielka was established in 2008, after finding a gap in the market for fine teas that could be sold wholesale to upmarket restaurants and niche cafes. As […] ... Read More

  November 28, 2016     

Surviving a Product Recall

A product recall situation is something all businesses hope to never find themselves in, however unfortunately it happens from time to time to the best of companies. ... Read More

  November 1, 2016