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Topic: purchasing

Have You Been Mixing Up Purchase Requisitions and Purchase Orders?

Procurement processes can seem complicated, but each stage of the process can be broken down into tangible, easy-to-understand steps. Understanding the difference between purchase requisitions and purchase orders will help businesses and their employees to have a greater understanding of the entire procurement process. Helping to ensure more simpli ... Read More

  October 23, 2019     

4 Best Practices to Keep You on Top of Your Purchase Orders

If you want to get ahead with your purchase orders, it’s time to look at the best practices to guide you. When you use best practices, you ensure that you have accuracy and control over your purchase orders and can operate at a more efficient rate. Basically, a purchase order is a document between the […] ... Read More

  August 28, 2019     

A Closer Look at Purchase Management

As an inventory manager or business owner, you’ll know that getting what you need to run your business is a fundamental process. When you make a purchasing decision, it has a direct influence on how you control and manage your inventory stock. Depending on what you order, it will impact your inventory levels and how […] ... Read More

  August 24, 2019     

Looking at Direct and Indirect Costs

Business has an endless amount of costs that are involved in the purchasing process and it is in your best interest to know where they are coming from. Essentially, you’re trying to figure out how much a product will cost to produce, so you can charge more than the overall cost of producing it. However, […] ... Read More

  September 1, 2017     

Delving into Discount Pricing Strategy

Pricing strategy is fundamental part of a marketing with a strong focus on generating revenue and, ultimately, profit for the company. In a marketing campaign, a pricing strategy, such as discount pricing, can be considered the pursuit of identifying an optimum price for a specific product. What makes a successful pricing strategy? Numerous factors ... Read More

  August 7, 2017     

A Closer Look at the Four Types of Purchase Orders

One of the cornerstones of an efficient purchasing process is a purchase order. A purchase order will track your order and provide a detailed record. ... Read More

  November 4, 2016