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Topic: purchase orders

Streamline Procurement Activities By Reducing Your Purchase Order Cycle Time

Purchase orders are the documents sent from the buyer to the supplier requesting goods or services that when accepted by the vendor forms a legal contract between the two parties. It also serves as a form of security for the supplier. Typically, purchase orders will provide detail of the items the buyer agrees to purchase […] ... Read More

  September 17, 2019     

Purchase Requisitions vs. Purchase Orders

Purchase requisitions and purchase orders (often referred to as POs) are both part of a business’s overall procurement and purchasing processes, which establish buying policies and outline purchasing steps. Supply chain operations are dynamic and complex, so it’s important to have a good grip on every stage of the procurement process. While pro ... Read More

  September 16, 2019     

8 Key Factors that Influence Freight Costs

If your business involves inventory - whether you are a wholesaler, manufacturer or retailer - freight charges are one of the key costs of doing business. ... Read More

  April 28, 2017     

Know Your Four Types of Purchase Orders

A purchase order is essentially a request made from buyer to seller, specifying the details of what they want in their order: item, quantity, delivery time, and so on. When the order becomes accepted, it is a binding contract on whatever terms are specified in the order. There are four primary types of purchaser order, which essentially differ acco ... Read More

  September 3, 2016