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Topic: product recall

Weathering the Storm: How Inventory Software can help you Manage a Product Recall

Product recalls are commonplace and are to be expected in many mass-inventory industries such as in the automotive, pharmaceutical and food industries. The risks and consequences involved in navigating the recall process can be unnerving. A product safety issue usually triggers a recall, so there are significant financial, legal and reputation risk ... Read More

  February 14, 2020     

5 Signs a F&B Business is Not Prepared For a Product Safety Recall

Product recalls have cost billions over the last five years, spanning over many sectors, not only unique to the food and beverage industry. Alarmingly, it is more than just bad luck. Industry reports show record spikes of food and product recalls, highlighting the problem is likely a result of poor training, poor control, a lack […] ... Read More

  February 12, 2020     

The Writing on the Wall: Signs your company may struggle in a recall

All product recalls, not just those involving safety concerns, are on the rise and are a very real threat to a business which must be managed effectively. Allianz Global found that in the past five years defective products culminated in liability losses totalling $2 billion with product recalls being a significant means of dealing with […] ... Read More

  August 1, 2019     

How Business Owners Can Minimise the Impact of Product Recalls

At some stage in time, it’s very likely that most business owners will experience having to manage a product recall. While having to implement a product recall certainly is not ideal, there are some key steps businesses can take to make the process as pain-free as possible. It is essential to have processes and systems […] ... Read More

  July 3, 2019     

3 Tips to Help You Manage Product Recalls

When something goes wrong with your product, a recall might be on the cards. There is a whole spectrum when it comes to product recalls. Sometimes they are relatively benign and easy to fix, or they can span to being very dangerous, expensive or both. Depending on what you’ve sold and what the problem is, […] ... Read More

  June 19, 2019     

Efficient Product Recall Needs Online Inventory Management

Recalls can happen for a variety of reasons such as health or safety concerns and issues can originate from defective parts or ingredients further up the supply chain. Wherever and whatever the cause, businesses need to act swiftly to recall and remove affected products from the entire supply chain. Online inventory management software helps facili ... Read More

  August 29, 2018     

Product Recalls Happen to Everyone, How Can Your Business Prepare?

As traceability initiatives take flight and regulators sharpen their teeth, product recalls are becoming an increasingly regular part of business for manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors. A poorly managed product recall can be a major burden for a small or medium sized business and can create outsized reputational risk for a business of any ... Read More

  August 27, 2018     

Successful Product Recalls with Inventory Software

In business, no product is immune to the risk of a product recall. Research suggests that product recalls in the United States have been on the increase. In 1988, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission was involved in some 221 recalls, and by 1993, that number had risen to 367 recalls. These product recalls can […] ... Read More

  August 1, 2017     

Surviving a Product Recall

A product recall situation is something all businesses hope to never find themselves in, however unfortunately it happens from time to time to the best of companies. ... Read More

  November 1, 2016     

Successfully Navigating a Product Recall with Inventory Management Software

While no business wants to find themselves in the middle of a product recall, it’s a reality that all businesses must plan for. Of course, prevention should always be the immediate goal, but if a recall is required, the worst case scenario is to be caught without a clear strategy in place. When it comes […] ... Read More

  September 30, 2016