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Topic: product bundling

Bundle Your Products to Increase Profits

What is Product Bundling? Product bundling occurs when a business combines several different products or services together into a single comprehensive package. Then the package is sold all together for a decreased price. Even though on an individualised basis, items in the package are sold at discounted price, profits can grow since this package en ... Read More

  January 24, 2018     

Boost Inventory Control and Sales with Product Bundling

Product bundling is a pricing strategy that has become increasingly popular in recent times, as companies seek means to offset the costs of acquisition. Here, a company will sell multiple items as a bundle at a price lower than the cost of buying them individually. For example, many electronics retailers use product bundling to sell […] ... Read More

  September 26, 2017     

Setting Prices: Five Key Strategies

When you’re first starting out, it can be difficult to set prices for your products. Although pricing can be a difficult problem, it is also a crucial one to solve. One of the biggest factors that determines a business’ future revenue is its pricing strategy. Let’s take a look at the basics of five well-known […] ... Read More

  August 5, 2017     

Product Bundling: How to Take Advantage of Value and Convenience to Drive Sales

Almost any consumer will recall a time that they’ve gone to a store or visited a retailer’s store with the intention to buy one product, only to buy a second or even third product in the same visit. Product bundling is a simple but time-tested strategy, whether your business is a major retailer or boutique […] ... Read More

  July 27, 2017