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Topic: pricing strategy

The Ultimate Guide to Beer Profit Margins & More

With so many competitors in the beer industry, how do you make sure your brewery survives and thrives? Here we’ll tell you all you need to know about brewery profit margins – and much more, including how to price your beer, and how to track and optimise your performance with brewery software. We’ll start by […] ... Read More

  October 1, 2020     

Average Order Value: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

Average Order Value (AOV) is a metric that helps retailers understand their customers’ purchasing behaviours. An average order value tracks the average dollar amount spent every time a customer places an order. Like with all other key metrics, AOVs can be tracked over any time period, but most companies prefer to monitor their AOVs as [&helli ... Read More

  January 6, 2020     

Dynamic Pricing Strategy: The Good and the Bad

Product pricing strategy is a crucial aspect of a business that directly affects inventory, sales and profitability. If a business sets prices too high, customers might choose to buy your competitors products, while low prices may lead to other implications including less revenue. A dynamic pricing strategy is a type of price discrimination that tr ... Read More

  August 17, 2019     

Dynamic Pricing: Investigating the Pros and Cons

Pricing is very strategic and it makes a big difference in how a business operates. Some businesses operate on a fixed pricing model where the price point is relatively set in stone across the board. An example of this would be the iPhone. They generally are sold with a fixed price strategy and rarely veer […] ... Read More

  July 22, 2019     

Dynamic Pricing — What does it mean for your business?

Dynamic pricing is a pricing strategy that businesses use to set flexible prices for products or service based on current market demand. Also known as surge or demand pricing, dynamic pricing is common in eCommerce, hospitality, tourism, entertainment and some service industries. Most people would have experienced dynamic pricing at some point, it ... Read More

  July 12, 2019     

Mastering Multichannel Pricing

Ever since the rise of online shopping, it has become increasingly common for customers to walk into a retail store, pull out their cell phones and compare the store’s prices to those of their competitors. However, more recently customers may have noticed a pricing difference across the same store’s digital channels as well. This is [&helli ... Read More

  October 23, 2018     

Meeting the Demands of a Multichannel Pricing Strategy

Multichannel retailing is a set of activities concerned with selling goods or services to consumers through more than one channel. A multichannel pricing strategy is where a business will offer their customers different prices depending on where they chose to shop. The common practice is to offer customers lower prices via an online channel. This ... Read More

  October 17, 2018     

Effective Seasonal Pricing Can Improve Cashflow

Many traditional and e-commerce businesses are seasonal, and this seasonality will affect different industries in different ways. Stock control is one of the biggest challenges that surges in demand and seasonality will place on a business and its inventory stock. Seasonal demand fluctuations can also impact staffing, scheduling operations and more ... Read More

  June 18, 2018     

Effective Seasonal Pricing Can Improve Your Cashflow

Many traditional and e-commerce businesses are seasonal, and this seasonality will affect different industries in different ways. Stock control is one of the biggest challenges that surges in demand and seasonality will place on a business. Seasonal demand fluctuations can also impact staffing, scheduling operations and more critically, cash flow. ... Read More

  June 6, 2018     

How Retailers are Coping with Pricing Challenges

Retail is constantly evolving and retailers are always seeking to adapt their pricing strategies to reflect these changes. Retailers are in an interesting predicament when it comes to balancing prices between brick-and-mortar stores and online shops. By understanding pricing techniques in either scenario, it will allow a retailer to compete well in ... Read More

  May 14, 2018     

4 Pricing Challenges for SMEs

One of the hardest questions for retail SMEs to answer is how to set prices that are both competitive and profitable. After all, it’s not just a matter of taking ordering cost and adding a markup. Getting it right can be the difference between business success and a string of losses. So it’s important for […] ... Read More

  May 11, 2018     

6 Pricing Challenges Facing Retailers

Pricing strategically is at the heart of all retail competition, but pricing products is no easy task. Getting it wrong can have a dramatic impact on your sales, directly affecting revenue streams. Although there are many factors that contribute to a consumer’s final choice, such as brand loyalty, purchase occasion, perceived product value, price ... Read More

  May 9, 2018     

Is Volume Pricing Right For Your Business?

A pricing strategy that allows discounts for bulk purchasing, volume pricing offers financial incentives for consumers to purchase products and/or services in high volumes. Volume pricing can motivate purchasing behaviours where a customer will buy in bulk to simply to achieve a discount. If your business operates in a highly competitive environmen ... Read More

  January 19, 2018     

Pricing Differently: Tiered and Volume Pricing

Most small businesses are focussed on growing their revenue, market share and, in the long run, their profitability. A wide range of factors can affect a business’ growth, but one of the most important is the business’ pricing strategy. A smart pricing strategy involves working out the price point that maximises revenue growth, increases market ... Read More

  January 11, 2018     

Where Do Your Customers See Value?

Most small businesses are trying to grow their market share and revenue. This typically means thinking deeply about one of the major factors affecting inventory management: pricing strategy. Set prices too high and you’ll lose market share, but go too low and you risk leaving revenue on the table and compromising your fledgling brand. Tiered ... Read More

  December 28, 2017     

Pricing Strategies to Clear Stock

Many people, buyers and vendors alike, do not understand the fundamental differences between tiered and volume pricing, and sometimes they even consider them to be the same. Both pricing models reward buying in volume with discounted prices. However, it is detrimental to business to think they are the same, as if their differences are understood [& ... Read More

  December 22, 2017     

Volume Pricing: Giving More For Less

Volume pricing, simply put, is pricing inventory stock for volume or bulk sales. Though it may seem counter-productive to price items lower, this is a strategic pricing technique when the name of the game is to increase profits. However, it is worth taking the time to understand the psychology behind volume pricing, your customer and […] ... Read More

  December 19, 2017     

Why You Need To Know About Trade Discounting

Trade discounting is important to know about for over production of inventory stock as it can really help you sell inventory stock that would otherwise be obsolete. It can also increase the quantities of inventory stock sold too. Here we explain what trade discounting is and reasons for using trade discounting. What is trade discounting? […] ... Read More

  December 6, 2017     

Discount Pricing Strategy Explained

A pricing strategy is an important element of a lucrative business. More than any other element, a pricing strategy directly impacts the amount of profit you make. Choose a pricing strategy that helps you meet your sales objectives, enhances your brand perception and provides the best profit point for market demand. A discount pricing strategy [&he ... Read More

  December 5, 2017     

Making Sense of Margin and Markup

Pricing is important to business as it can mean the difference when it comes to customer satisfaction. Successful businesses want to maximise margins and markup. Unfortunately, businesses are increasingly using these terms as synonyms for the same concept – the difference between the price goods are sold for and the ‘cost of goods sold’. ... Read More

  November 28, 2017     

Which Volume Pricing Approach is Best for Your Business?

As consumers, we’ve all experienced the way that volume pricing can affect the way we perceive value. Take one slice for $2 or two slices for $3.50? It’s a no brainer – buy two and save one for later. Volume pricing is fundamentally about increasing sales volume, even at the expense of a lower per […] ... Read More

  November 25, 2017     

Understanding Margins and Mark-Ups

The terms margins and mark-ups are often confused in business and this can be problematic for several reasons. Margin is sales minus the cost of goods sold, while mark-up is the amount by which the cost of a product is increased in order to determine the selling price. Confusing the meaning of these terms can […] ... Read More

  November 11, 2017