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Topic: perpetual inventory

4 Tips to Manage Inventory in a Seasonal Business

For many small, independent businesses, managing inventory is one of the most challenging aspects of running a business. Unfortunately, inventory management can be even more challenging when firms operate seasonally. Here are four ways to make sure you are well placed to manage stock throughout the ups and downs of the year. Forecasting is critical ... Read More

  June 21, 2018     

Highlights of Inventory Management Software

Inventory management software is changing the way businesses operate. It’s a modernised system, bringing benefits and positive results to companies big and small. Like all technology, this software is constantly evolving. Part of that evolution means it is becoming more and more adaptable to a variety of business scenarios. Inventory management s ... Read More

  December 26, 2017     

Four Tips to Optimise Inventory Control

Inventory management can be a puzzle for many businesses, particularly those with large and varied stock catalogues. Keeping track of thousands of SKUs can be tricky as there are simply so many moving parts. In a stock-based business, inventory is probably one of your business’ biggest assets, so it’s important to manage inventory as ef ... Read More

  November 16, 2017     

Inventory Management: Ten Ways Spreadsheets Let You Down

Spreadsheets and other manual inventory tracking methods have a number of weaknesses when compared with best in class inventory management software. If you are still using spreadsheets to manage your inventory here are ten reasons why you need to stop so that your business can reap the rewards it deserves. Manual data entry is prone […] ... Read More

  August 16, 2017     

Why Do Spreadsheets Ruin Inventory Management?

Spreadsheets are an ad hoc tool often used as a permanent solution rather than a quick fix, and often far beyond their capability. ... Read More

  April 22, 2017     

The low down on the periodic inventory system

A periodic inventory system is a method of keeping track of inventory where inventory counts are only updated periodically. ... Read More

  April 21, 2017     

Understanding Perpetual Inventory

A perpetual inventory system allows businesses to keep a real-time account of what inventory they have in stock on a continual basis. ... Read More

  April 3, 2017     

Better Dropshipping with Inventory Management

Essentially, dropshipping is a retail method used to sell goods without having any inventory, and inventory management systems are integral for success. ... Read More

  March 10, 2017     

Why Isn’t Excel the Best for Inventory Management?

Here we review 10 reasons why Excel spreadsheets are highly restrictive and not the best option for managing your company’s inventory. ... Read More

  March 4, 2017     

Getting the Upper Hand with Perpetual Inventory Management

Stock takes can be a painful experience, and they cost your business. A manual stock take can take a lot of time and effort, often requiring the closure of the shop floor or the warehouse for a period of time. Although occasional stock takes will always be a feature of proactive inventory management, implementing an […] ... Read More

  January 12, 2017     

Is Better Inventory Key To Manufacturing Success?

Manufacturing is relatively unique in the sense that a much higher level of inventory precision is required to successfully scale up. ... Read More

  December 10, 2016     

Managing Your Biggest Asset Better: Five Opportunities for Inventory Improvement

Industry-leading inventory control is an achievable goal for every business, at any scale. For most businesses, there are numerous opportunities to improve performance. For retailers, wholesalers and many other businesses, inventory is the biggest asset on the balance sheet. Here are five ways to manage that asset better. ... Read More

  August 30, 2016     

9 Strategies to Improve Inventory Management

Getting your inventory management strategies working in harmony can be a daunting – but far from impossible – task. The key is recognizing what strategies best suit your business needs and having the tools to implement them effectively and efficiently. If you’re a small business looking to take the leap, or a start-up wanting t ... Read More

  June 16, 2015