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How the Automotive Industry Manages Seasonal Pressures

Managing seasonal pressures in the automotive industry is an ongoing struggle for car dealers, repair shops and others in the auto business. Determining when stock levels need to be increased or reduced is largely based on previous selling trends, which for some businesses means relying on a limited field of data. In major car markets […] ... Read More

  May 23, 2018     

Four Ways Bad Inventory Control Can Cause Chaos

In manufacturing, distribution and wholesale, your entire business revolves around inventory – having enough stock to keep the production line going and to keep customers happy is essential. Here are four ways we’ve seen bad inventory control cause chaos in business. Missing Valuable Sales Just as in the B2C context, B2B customers value rel ... Read More

  March 29, 2018     

Why You Need To Know About Trade Discounting

Trade discounting is important to know about for over production of inventory stock as it can really help you sell inventory stock that would otherwise be obsolete. It can also increase the quantities of inventory stock sold too. Here we explain what trade discounting is and reasons for using trade discounting. What is trade discounting? […] ... Read More

  December 6, 2017     

The Impact of the ​Seasons​ On​ ​Food​ ​Manufacturing

Changing seasons affect food manufacturers in a multitude of ways, some positive and some negative. Certain times of the year will increase demand for a particular type of food product or products, and other times of the year will see a dramatic reduction in demand for those same items. The seasonality of many food items […] ... Read More

  October 16, 2017     

Inventory control for distributors – success is within reach

To solve inventory control challenges, an inventory management software is imperative in providing an easy and effective solution, especially for manufacturers and distributors. The business of distributing involves matching the incoming product from a supplier to the ordered and shipped volume. In an ideal world, this results in little stored inve ... Read More

  August 11, 2017     

Product Bundling: How to Take Advantage of Value and Convenience to Drive Sales

Almost any consumer will recall a time that they’ve gone to a store or visited a retailer’s store with the intention to buy one product, only to buy a second or even third product in the same visit. Product bundling is a simple but time-tested strategy, whether your business is a major retailer or boutique […] ... Read More

  July 27, 2017     

Why Accurate Inventory Levels are Essential

Inventory is vital for any goods sector business; retailers and wholesalers rely on inventory for sales, while manufacturers need inventory to keep the production process running. Being able to accurately determine inventory levels is important – too little and your business can’t function; too much and your business risks being swamped ... Read More

  June 28, 2017     

A Quick Checklist: Is Your Inventory Healthy?

Having good inventory management is a key factor to any successful company. Furthermore, ensuring you have the right levels of inventory is vital to any profitable company as it helps control costs, and in addition it acts as a bench mark to assessing your company’s overall health. Below we pose five questions to assess whether […] ... Read More

  June 22, 2017     

Accurate Inventory Records are Crucial for Success

Without keeping an accurate record of your company’s inventory, you risk dissatisfying your customers and ultimately, losing profit. Below, we summarize precisely why keeping accurate inventory records is crucial for the success of your business. Be Prepared An accurate inventory record first and foremost means that you are more likely to be able ... Read More

  June 5, 2017     

4 Reasons Why Accurate Inventory Is Critical For Success

Knowing your inventory is critical. Here are four reasons why access to up-to-date, accurate inventory will keep you trading and protect your bottom line. ... Read More

  May 5, 2017     

Overstocking – from negative to positive

Being overstocked by nature isn’t normally a great problem to have. You basically have too much stock that you haven’t been able to shift — somewhere along the line something has gone wrong, be it a large order falling over, incorrect forecasting or stock mismanagement. However, let’s not look at this as a negative, but […] ... Read More

  February 20, 2017     

5 strategies to turn an overstock liability into a business advantage

Businesses that implement inventory management software, which integrates each node in the supply chain, are generally able to avoid running into an overstock issue. This is because it enables the ability to track, trace and account for inventory in real-time via the cloud. However, for those who remain ingrained in outdated inventory management s ... Read More

  August 28, 2016     

How inventory management software can maintain accurate stock

Getting a handle on accurate stock control and management is a must for all businesses who carry inventory. For many companies, this is one of their biggest ongoing investments and an area which can greatly affect profitability and overall operations.

Inventory management software provides a number of solutions and features, often with ... Read More

  September 23, 2015