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Topic: online inventory management

Efficient Product Recall Needs Online Inventory Management

Recalls can happen for a variety of reasons such as health or safety concerns and issues can originate from defective parts or ingredients further up the supply chain. Wherever and whatever the cause, businesses need to act swiftly to recall and remove affected products from the entire supply chain. Online inventory management software helps facili ... Read More

  August 29, 2018     

Maximising Efficiency in the Supply Chain

Supply chain management is full of complexity and logistics. Economies around the world are dependent on effective supply chains to provide them with goods and services to run their cities and countries. In order for supply chains to work well, they need to be efficient. There are a variety of ways to optimise your supply […] ... Read More

  August 20, 2018     

A Quick Guide to Getting Started with eCommerce

Grow your business by strengthening its eCommerce capability. eCommerce is one of the most rapidly growing ways to sell products to customers in most countries globally. To be successful, you’ll need to have a good business structure, a quality product that’s in demand, a business plan, and effective marketing. Follow these pointers to help set ... Read More

  July 26, 2018     

3 Key Strategies to Jumpstart your B2B eCommerce Business

The rise of digital is well documented and is causing the business-to-business (B2B) sector to catch up with the business-to-consumer (B2C) space. By 2020, B2B eCommerce is forecast to be worth approximately US$1.1 trillion. As this growing sector is experiencing increasing competition, manufacturers are having to raise their game, largely due to t ... Read More

  July 26, 2018     

Why Inventory Management is Important for eCommerce

Inventory management is how a company keeps track of their inventory. It allows them to plan and determine how much inventory stock they should have on hand at any given time. With integrative platforms and shifts in technology, online inventory management has become more commonplace. Using Online Inventory Management With online inventory manageme ... Read More

  July 4, 2018     

Multi-Channel Retailing: A Quick Guide for SMEs

As traditional retail channels dwindle in popularity, more businesses are turning to multi-channel retailing to provide an extra income stream and keep business ticking over. If you're interested in knowing more about diversified retail, this guide is for you. Multi-channel retailing As with any business term, multi-channel means different thin ... Read More

  June 27, 2018     

Inventory Mastery: Where Should Online Businesses Start?

With consumers demanding quicker turnover and a larger product range, the online retail industry has to keep up with much more complex customer needs than a decade ago. Managing inventory well is essential for reaching customer expectations; let’s look at some easily achievable ways to get closer to best practice inventory management. Keeping dat ... Read More

  June 26, 2018     

Inventory Management Tips for E-tailers

Inventory management has long been something retailers worry about. However, it is not just brick-and-mortar stores who must have their inventory in check. Likewise, it’s not something that keeps business owners up at night because with the right support and inventory management software, inventory control and a tidy warehouse are very achiev ... Read More

  June 23, 2018     

The 7 P’s of E-commerce Software

Delving into the e-commerce world is an exciting adventure albeit somewhat daunting. You need a ‘shopfront’ – somewhere you can show off your wares to customers. Here we review some points to consider when choosing your cloud-based e-commerce software. Price The price of the product you are signing up for is obviously extremely important, ... Read More

  June 22, 2018     

3 Emerging Trends in UK E-Commerce

The UK retail landscape is changing rapidly. Consumer spending is decreasing, competition is increasing between businesses, and people are turning to e-commerce at an unprecedented rate. This has resulted in an increasingly complex retail environment for online retailers whilst complicating logistics, pricing and overarching strategy for e-commerce ... Read More

  June 21, 2018     

What’s Stopping Your Business Growth?

Growing and expanding a business is an exciting time. If your product or service is selling and you can extrapolate for an increase in demand, then it’s time to grow your business. Expansion takes on a variety of shapes – you may look to hire more employees or purchase another distribution centre, or you may […] ... Read More

  April 9, 2018     

Let Online Inventory Management Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Inventory management systems are a critical part any company with a warehouse. With the right processes in place, a company can track inventory levels, create purchasing schedules and clear unwanted inventory efficiently. However, there isn’t one specific way to track inventory. Depending on the size of your warehouse, how frequently product is m ... Read More

  April 9, 2018     

A Closer Look at Inventory Management Best Practice

Learning the best practices for inventory management is a priceless investment for any business. Inventory is one of the biggest assets for a company as there is a lot of capital investment that goes into inventory. Of course, inventory leads to product sales and then revenue for the company, however, the equation is not that […] ... Read More

  March 27, 2018     

Growing Pains for Businesses

Every business has to start somewhere. No matter what type of innovation or industry a business is trying to pave a path in, it is likely that they will face many challenges to get momentum for their business. The entrepreneurial spirit is very commendable and there are an infinite amount of obstacles to get a […] ... Read More

  March 26, 2018     

Four Hidden Costs that are Easy to Neglect

Kicking goals in business is almost always more expensive than you think. Even with the best planning, there’s always going to be a hidden cost that you forgot to capture on your planning spreadsheet. Thinking of every hidden cost is nigh on impossible, and that’s okay – what’s important is that you consider the big […] ... Read More

  March 26, 2018     

What Does Optimising Inventory Really Mean?

As one of your business’ biggest assets, inventory is too important to take half measures. Businesses are increasingly realising how crucial it is to prevent stock outs but at the same time, a lot of firms are facing tighter operating budgets than ever before. Many businesses talk about optimising inventory, but what does this really […] ... Read More

  January 20, 2018     

The Concept of Value Stream

When trying to create value to customers, you need to make a value stream.  A value stream looks at all the steps and processes used from the beginning of value creation until the delivery of your end result to a customer. What is a value stream? In essence, a value stream is an amalgamation of […] ... Read More

  December 1, 2017     

What’s Trending in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is more prominent than ever. It continues to evolve everyday and it shows no sign of slowing down. It is shaping the way businesses operate. Cloud computing provides the delivery of computing services over the internet. It takes on many forms and can be used for servers, as storage, with databases, as a […] ... Read More

  November 28, 2017     

Coffee Crazed Consumers: Recent Trends in the Coffee Industry

Growth in the coffee industry is showing no signs of slowing in the United States and beyond. Consumption of the beverage is at and all time high according to recent research, and youths are the main force behind this growth. From cold coffee beverages to gourmet coffee, millennials are shaping coffee trends and pushing growth […] ... Read More

  November 9, 2017     

Tips on Optimising Inventory with Online Inventory Management

Inventory optimisation may sound like a big task. Perhaps even a daunting task. But the benefits are equally as big and once you break it down, it’s not actually that daunting. Inventory can be massive in physical scale. However, it can also be massive in terms of money and company investment. After all, inventory is […] ... Read More

  November 9, 2017     

5 reasons why wholesalers should use online order management

Order management can be a distracting and time intensive process, especially for small businesses with limited time to spare. That said, efficient order management and fulfilment is crucial to ensure that customer expectations are met. This is particularly the case with wholesale customers, where one poorly managed shipment has the potential to aff ... Read More

  October 31, 2017     

Five Cloud Computing Trends for the Year Ahead

At its core, cloud computing is about changing the way that we do business. Computing over the internet has allowed organisations access to their essential business tools at any time from anywhere with an internet connection. By implementing online inventory management, managers and business owners are able to monitor stock levels in Bristol while ... Read More

  October 3, 2017