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5 Tips to Improve Omnichannel Inventory Management

The world of commerce is an ever-changing one. Tech developments such as 5G and the Internet of Things are reshaping everyday life. And that includes how we all shop. Customer support is evolving with social media, artificial intelligence and unified communications. That’s a lot for any eCommerce business to keep up with. Some things, though, [&h ... Read More

  June 25, 2020     

Consumer Shopping Preferences are Driving Changes in The eCommerce Sector

In the last few years, the eCommerce sector has seen a shift in what drives buyer behaviours. Where previously consumers looked for quality packaging and fast delivery, they are now prioritising convenience, experience and quality when making online purchase decisions. The ever-changing perspectives on how consumers shop and interact with your bran ... Read More

  April 26, 2019     

How to Tackle the Challenges of Omnichannel Inventory

Using omnichannel in retail is a sign of the evolution of the industry. Customer journeys used to start and finish in the brick-and-mortar store. These days customer journeys follow an omnichannel experience – they shop online, use their mobile phones, they go into the brick-and-mortar stores, and call in to support centres. No matter how [&h ... Read More

  December 22, 2018     

Optimum Omnichannel Inventory Control

Omnichannel retail is certainly where it is at, however it is not without its own challenges which must be overcome for long-term business success. As with any retail company, inventory represents a large amount of tied up cash, or assets as it were, and if mismanaged, this can be a significant area for loss. Therefore, […] ... Read More

  December 20, 2018     

What Your BOPIS Model Should Offer to Consumers

Buy online, pick up in-store (BOPIS) is the relatively new wave of retail behaviour taking over the consumer world. It describes the ability to research items of interest, compare products and consider reviews, make a purchase online and then select a convenient time and location from which to pick it up. There are many advantages […] ... Read More

  November 3, 2018     

Where Does Dissatisfaction with BOPIS Stem From?

The omnichannel retail method, BOPIS, can benefit both consumers and retailers alike. The two main reasons consumers are attracted to BOPIS are the savings they can make by avoiding shipping fees, and the convenience of not waiting for deliveries. This is especially true during the busy holiday seasons where packages have failed to be delivered [&h ... Read More

  October 27, 2018     

Creating an Omnichannel Small Business – It May Be Easier Than You Think

The term omnichannel may not seem synonymous with small business as it alludes to having a presence in multiple locations, with staffing and funding required to support it. In fact, that sounds big, doesn’t it? While this can be true, omnichannel business strategies are in fact extremely beneficial for small businesses and here is why. […] ... Read More

  October 15, 2018     

A Stock Control Guide to Omnichannel Inventory

Omnichannel retail used to be solely the domain of large enterprises but building an eCommerce site or setting up an online marketplace is now much easier for smaller retailers and SMEs. The omnichannel pursuit, however, does have its challenges particularly when it comes to stock control. Inventory ownership The difficulty with inventory ownership ... Read More

  October 9, 2018     

Having an Online Presence Doesn’t Make You an Omnichannel SME

Most small business owners understand why they should invest in an online presence for their business. Even for a small local store, online offers many benefits. Providing greater visibility to consumers who, when looking for a product or service tend to always search online first. An omnichannel SME however, is so much more than being […] ... Read More

  October 9, 2018     

Successfully Implementing an Omni-Channel Strategy

Omni-channel retail refers to retail that not only incorporates multiple sales channels but integrates these channels so that one, seamless and holistic shopping experience is presented to the customer. It certainly is the direction in which the retail industry is travelling, however, it is a road not without speed bumps. Let us consider how an [&h ... Read More

  October 5, 2018     

Managing Inventory as an Omnichannel Business

Organising inventory can be a complicated task in itself, but for omnichannel businesses, it can be even more complex. In this article, we explain the challenges involved in omnichannel inventory management and omnichannel businesses can navigate this complicated task. What is an omnichannel business? Omnichannel is a multichannel approach to sales ... Read More

  October 1, 2018     

3 Key Strategies to Jumpstart your B2B eCommerce Business

The rise of digital is well documented and is causing the business-to-business (B2B) sector to catch up with the business-to-consumer (B2C) space. By 2020, B2B eCommerce is forecast to be worth approximately US$1.1 trillion. As this growing sector is experiencing increasing competition, manufacturers are having to raise their game, largely due to t ... Read More

  July 26, 2018     

Deciphering the Difference Between Multi-channel and Omni-channel

With any industry or new technology comes buzzwords. In the world of eCommerce two very common buzzwords are multi-channel and omni-channel. They may sound similar and they do share common facets of sales using several physical and digital platforms. However, it’s important to understand the difference between them. Defining omni-channel Before w ... Read More

  July 19, 2018     

Managing your Channels: Multi vs Omni-channels

It is a common misconception that omni-channel and multi-channel are the same thing and simply denote multiple ways in which customers can interact with a company or retailer. However, they are in fact very different and their points of difference should be understood to better the customer experience. Multi-channel Multi-channel refers to multiple ... Read More

  July 17, 2018     

Omni-channel and Multi-channel: Which is Right for You?

As the ability to purchase products whenever, wherever becomes easier for customers, businesses are finding more strategic with the marketing of their items. Customer experience is increasingly important as demand for faster turnaround and improved product delivery increases, and businesses who manage both online and physical retail stores have sta ... Read More

  July 13, 2018     

Multi-Channel Retailing: A Quick Guide for SMEs

As traditional retail channels dwindle in popularity, more businesses are turning to multi-channel retailing to provide an extra income stream and keep business ticking over. If you're interested in knowing more about diversified retail, this guide is for you. Multi-channel retailing As with any business term, multi-channel means different thin ... Read More

  June 27, 2018     

Managing Omnichannel Warehouses as an SME

Traditionally, retailers will rely on a single warehouse to hold stock for all of their stores, and perhaps one other warehouse to hold stock for their online store. However, the proliferation of online shopping has meant that large companies like Amazon are increasing the speed at which they deliver customer purchases to their door. With [… ... Read More

  April 4, 2018     

The Challenges of Balancing Inventory

Ultimately, the goal of inventory management is to match supply with demand. However, establishing and maintaining the perfect balance can seem virtually impossible. Insufficient or surplus stock, high demand or oversupply, the seesawing effects of supply and demand are a major challenge when trying to effectively manage your inventory stock. The i ... Read More

  March 24, 2018