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UK Manufacturers Harness Tech to Drive Productivity

London, UK Figures from the Office of National Statistics released last month show that despite UK productivity growing the quickest it has done for six years, workers’ productivity and therefore output, has been startlingly low over the past decade. However, it’s not all doom and gloom as Britain’s manufacturing sector has experienced a boos ... Read More

  March 9, 2018     

How Manufacturers Can Harness the Cloud

The way we do business is rapidly changing. Technology is shifting the way companies are producing products, interacting with customers and communicating with their staff. The amount of information and data available and exchanged across a business is expansive. Managing all this data is imperative to a business. Losing this data could be a busines ... Read More

  February 27, 2018     

Manufacturers Adopting Cloud-Based Inventory Management Software

Productivity is essentially the efficiency of work produced in a given time period and is measured through the rate of output (work) to the rate of input (man hours). Manufacturers are perpetually looking for ways to increase productivity or increase the amount of work achieved for the same if not less, input. So how is […] ... Read More

  February 12, 2018     

The Fall and Rise of Australian Manufacturing

Some commentators would have us believe the Australian manufacturing industry is dying a slow and predictable death. It’s true, manufacturing’s share of total employment has experienced a steady drop since its peak in the 1970’s, and many of the countries traditional manufacturing industries have experienced a significant decline. Such iconic ... Read More

  February 1, 2018     

Obstacles Facing the Beverage Industry

The beverage industry is a highly competitive industry. It is constantly progressing and changing. The change is driven by necessity. In order to stay in-tune with customer demand and nutritional trends, the beverage industry has to constantly adapt. Recent trends have driven the beverage industry to provide more healthy and organic products. Along ... Read More

  January 18, 2018     

Implementing Value Stream Mapping in Your Business

Efficient businesses do not stand still. If a business is efficient, it has likely gotten to that point through a process of continuous improvement. A core aspect of continuous improvement involves closely examining your business’ value chains in order to spot opportunities to advance. Value stream mapping is an essential part of this process. Le ... Read More

  December 11, 2017     

Food Manufacturing Software for the Holiday Seasons

Inventory control can be difficult at any time. It becomes even more challenging when you’re a food manufacturer preparing for busy holiday seasons. Especially when not all seasons are equal, the length of which can vary from a weekend to weeks-long summer breaks. Show-days, festivals and even a grand final weekend can influence spikes in [&helli ... Read More

  December 8, 2017     

The State of New Zealand’s Manufacturing Industry

While there is strong growth in the construction, meat and dairy industries, New Zealand is experiencing an overall decline in traditional large-scale consumer manufacturing. This is largely due to overseas competitors with greater efficiencies in scale and lower labour costs. That’s not to say that New Zealand’s manufacturing industry is becom ... Read More

  November 18, 2017     

A portrait of manufacturing in Australia

The world endured two significant hits on industry and manufacturing in 2001 and 2008 when the global recessions occurred. Australia was no different, and unfortunately these times stung manufacturers who had purchased new equipment and invested in production processes in good faith only to find their investments took years to pay off. A closer loo ... Read More

  October 23, 2017     

New Zealand manufacturing plays pivotal role

New Zealand’s manufacturing industry plays a pivotal role in the improvement of the economy as a whole. Manufacturing in the construction industry and the dairy and meat sector perform particularly well, with research demonstrating promising growth in each sector. Aside from contributing to overall GDP growth, the manufacturing industry also cont ... Read More

  October 20, 2017     

Lean Business – What Does it Mean?

Lean business essentially involves maximising customer value while reducing or eliminating waste from the production process. Lean manufacturing was initially practiced by Japanese industrial giants such as Toyota, but in recent years has come to be widely adopted by British and European startups in industries as diverse as manufacturing and softwa ... Read More

  October 2, 2017     

At The Cutting Edge: the State of New Zealand Manufacturing in 2017

Manufacturing is big business in New Zealand. Manufactured goods make up approximately 85% of our merchandise exports, with the manufacturing sector contributing over $23 billion of real GDP into the New Zealand economy in 2016. The New Zealand manufacturing sector is also on the rise; over the last several years, New Zealand’s manufacturing sect ... Read More

  September 28, 2017     

Manufacturing Inventory Management: 5 Benefits You Need To Know About Cloud Software

Manufacturing businesses are faced with many challenges; the world is fast-paced and globalised more than ever. We see growth in consumer technology, and turbulent consumer purchasing behaviour. These factors together bring both opportunities and threats. It is now vital for manufacturing businesses to invest in automated solutions to hone in on th ... Read More

  September 22, 2017     

A snapshot of manufacturing in New Zealand in 2017

Sales, seasonally adjusted for the March 2017 quarter compared with the December 2016 quarter, show that total manufacturing in New Zealand fell 0.3 percent; excluding meat and dairy product manufacturing, sales rose 1.7 percent. Meat and dairy product manufacturing fell 7.8 percent. In light of this, the value of total manufacturing in New Zealand ... Read More

  September 21, 2017     

Understand Customer Demand With Food Manufacturing Software

Manufacturing companies are always in competition with producers of similar products, and there are multiple factors to consider when seeking to remain competitive. Changes in social and cultural trends and preferences need to be taken into account when companies are looking to maintain or increase profit margins. For the food and drink industry, f ... Read More

  September 6, 2017     

A Manufacturing Bill of Materials – your trusted friend in the manufacturing process

A Manufacturing Bill of Materials (MBOM) is an important document, central to the correct manufacture of product. Before being able to truly appreciate its importance in the manufacturing process, we need to establish what it is. A MBOM is a highly detailed and comprehensive document that dictates exactly how a product is made, right down [… ... Read More

  June 9, 2017     

Volt Bikes improves inventory efficiency for their manufacturing business

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT Unleashed has given a lot more time to us, we finish our work at normal business hours now rather than having to stay late go through multiple spreadsheets, double- check everything, we just know it’s reliable and really, is really given us more time just to see family and stuff afterwards, it’s nice, just relax. My name is ... Read More

  June 6, 2017     

Why is a Manufacturing Bill of Materials (BOM) so important?

A bill of materials (BOM) is a critical tool in the manufacturing world to detail how a product is to be made and what is needed to make it. ... Read More

  March 2, 2017     

Can Inventory Management improve your Business Performance?

sure fire way to reduce profit margins is to have excess raw material sitting, needing to be stored, and not being turned into product which can be sold. ... Read More

  January 23, 2017     

Brew Tea Company Boosts Beverage Business

Brew Tea Co are a beverage manufacturer on a mission - to create the perfect high-quality blend, with the help of Unleashed. ... Read More

  November 10, 2016     

The Key Drivers of Negative Inventory

Inventory is something a business can count, so it is surprising that inventory can be negative on paper or in an inventory management system. ... Read More

  November 8, 2016     

The benefits of lean manufacturing for the food and beverage industry

Lean manufacturing and Total Quality Management (TQM) first came about through the work of Henry Ford, followed by Toyota in Japan. They set about to decrease ‘Muda’, a term given to everything in a process that is unnecessary, time-wasting and that results in a loss of profitability. Since their pioneering work to implement TQM and lean proces ... Read More

  October 25, 2016