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Topic: LTL

The Basics of Less Than Truckload Accessorial Fees

When you need to ship freight there are many options and factors that play a part in your decision. If you are considering a less than truckload (LTL) service, it can be intimidating to understand everything that is involved in the process. When embarking into the transport and logistics industry, there is a plethora of […] ... Read More

  January 18, 2018     

Getting Up To Speed With LTL Accessorial Fees

Buying transportation is usually cheaper when your business is buying an entire truckload of space rather than part of a trailer or even parcels. ‘Less than truckload’ shipping (also known as LTL shipping) usually refers to palletised shipments that are too large for parcel carriers but which do not fill an entire truck. LTL consignments [&hell ... Read More

  November 17, 2017     

LTL Freight for SMEs Explained

A business’ freight costs can be a significant source of savings if optimised and selected strategically. In fact, it is important to consider freight selection as a vital step in the manufacturing process rather than it all just ending with the completion of a product. LTL or Less-than-Truckload shipping is a cost-effective shipping option for [ ... Read More

  September 4, 2017     

Dealing with the blows of uncertain transportation costs

Keeping your small business afloat in the global market against big players is no small feat. It can be exhausting and tumultuous, being battered by every rise or drop in the markets, different currencies and most importantly, the cost of fuel. Fuel costs are often the culprit for unexpected transportation costs. Here we investigate some […] ... Read More

  July 18, 2017     

Cost Effective Shipping: LTL Carriers Explained

What is LTL? Less than truckload shipping (LTL) is the transportation of relatively small freight. The alternatives to LTL carriers are parcel carriers or full truckload carriers. There are several different perspectives as to what is actually considered LTL. Full truck load carriers can put anywhere from 2 to 6 different businesses’ shipments on ... Read More

  July 17, 2017     

Eight Ways to Cut Freight Charges

Part of operating a business is providing something for someone else for a charge. Now unless you provide services, it is likely that a significant proportion of your operations involves bundling up stock, booking couriers and sending it out to customers. There are many types of freight and modes of transport all with differing logistics. [… ... Read More

  July 12, 2017     

Unlocking Freight Savings through LTL Shipping

LTL, or ‘less than truckload’ shipping, generally refers to palletised and oversized parcel shipments that do not fill a carrier’s truck. LTL consignments are usually packed on wrapped pallets or in large containers – the carrier then pools multiple customers’ freight together to fill a truck for shipping. LTL operators essentially oc ... Read More

  May 23, 2017