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Topic: logistics

The Pros and Cons: International and Domestic Sourcing

It’s easy to oversimplify the differences between sourcing for parts locally or internationally. When considering where to purchase from, the prevailing idea seems to be that domestic sourcing allows for better control and shorter lead time, but international sourcing is more cost-effective. Let’s compare the strengths and weaknesses of both in ... Read More

  December 16, 2019     

The Remarkable Supply Chain of the Coffee Bean

For so many people, coffee is a staple of their everyday routine. And its popularity is apparent in the global market — global coffee production reached 158.6 million 60-kilogram bags in 2018, up from 148.6 million 60-kilogram bags in 2015. In fact, the average per capita consumption stands at 1.0 kg in 2019. Within each […] ... Read More

  December 9, 2019     

Understanding Amazon’s FBA Business Model

Amazon is an eCommerce giant; the scope of their business continues to grow rapidly. Their business practices are constantly evolving and keeping them at the forefront of eCommerce competition. Essentially, they operate with under the philosophy of, ‘if you sell it, then we will ship it.’ Their shipping or fulfilment method has become extremely ... Read More

  July 24, 2018     

Moving Your Distribution Off-Shore

International distribution describes the journey of products into international markets and the waiting hands of consumers overseas. Just as distribution can be complex on home soil where inventory management, customer demand, sales and shipping must all work harmoniously together, this is even more so for international distribution where there are ... Read More

  May 15, 2018     

Learn from these Supply Chain Mistakes

The supply chain is one of the most complex processes that a company must control. This is for many reasons including its vastness, its complexity with multiple businesses involved, its expanse over multiple geographical locations with multiple currencies and time-zones to contend with, and last but not least, its involvement of complex and vulnera ... Read More

  May 10, 2018     

Balancing Inventory Stock in the Cosmetic Industry

The ever-growing cosmetics industry comes with its own set of challenges regarding supply chain management and logistics. Along with typical supply chain issues of sustainability and quality, the cosmetics industry has to keep up with the quickly changing demands of customers, and stock a wide range of products to suit all consumers. The work put [ ... Read More

  May 7, 2018     

Understanding the Cosmetic Industry’s Supply Chain

In the cosmetic industry, managing the supply chain efficiently and effectively is crucial for cosmetic companies to gain a competitive advantage. They must employ a multi-step logistics function to manage retailer requirements to help overcome the challenges caused by supply and demand inherent in the cosmetic industry. Supply Chain Fundamentals D ... Read More

  May 2, 2018     

Achieving Sustainability in the Supply Chain

As there is a general shift towards lessening our carbon footprints and becoming more environmentally friendly, there is a growing pressure on industries to focus on their level of environmental, social, and economic impact. When it comes to manufacturing inventory, sustainability has become a buzzword for enticing customers to purchase your produc ... Read More

  April 24, 2018     

Taking Your Supply Chain Global

As your company begins to grow, you may soon find that domestic sourcing is simply not sufficient. Sourcing resources from across the globe can include everything from raw materials to packaging materials. However, as much as there are benefits, there are many barriers to successfully source internationally. This article explores both the pros and ... Read More

  April 24, 2018     

Avoiding Supply Chain Woes

Controlling a supply chain can be a very difficult exercise. Businesses can struggle to control what is going on in their supply chain and this can result in failure. More and more companies are failing because of risky supply chain issues. When working within global supply chains a lot of unknowns or changes to previous […] ... Read More

  April 17, 2018     

Considerations of Global Sourcing

Global sourcing is a viable option for securing materials, components, products or even services for your business. Looking outside of your domestic market can yield a variety of benefits not available through local sourcing avenues. Usually with global sourcing it’s easy to think about manufactured products being produced overseas and transporte ... Read More

  February 7, 2018     

5 Things to Know About Sourcing Globally

Global sourcing occurs when companies go beyond their home borders for sourcing goods and services. There are many benefits to doing so, but there also are risks involved, we have identified five major risks and some ways to mitigate them. Time Differences Having a supplier on the other side of the world often means that […] ... Read More

  February 3, 2018     

The Perks of Sourcing Domestically

In this global economy, it’s easy to look far and wide for sourcing, especially when the information is at the tips of our fingers. Modern supply chains are built around international sourcing philosophies. Historically, by importing materials and products, a company could reduce their production costs. However, if you are a business looking to s ... Read More

  January 29, 2018     

What About Domestic Sourcing?

Globalisation and the internet has provided businesses with the ability to increasingly source goods from anywhere on the planet. Access to products at often considerably lower prices makes importing goods an appealing option for many enterprises. Overseas markets with lower wage costs and fewer government or industry regulations can produce goods ... Read More

  January 23, 2018     

Home or Away: Where Should Your Business Source Its Inventory?

Procurement has changed a great deal over the last decade. When considering where to source raw materials and finished products, the general consensus has long been that domestically sourced products were typically higher quality and had shorter lead times, but that sourcing abroad could lead to major cost efficiencies. These days, overseas factori ... Read More

  January 15, 2018     

5 Best Practices for Shipping Success

Whether your business is retail or wholesale, shipping should be a key area of focus. Many businesses fail to optimise their shipping arrangements, failing to take into account the potential cost savings and customer experience improvements that can be achieved. Let’s look at some of the key shipping practices that are commonly used by successful ... Read More

  October 30, 2017     

Optimise shipping for the best customer experience

When creating a product for a customer and achieving a sale, the job is not finished. The job is only complete when the product is sitting in the customer’s hands with the customer satisfied with its quality and their experience. Therefore, it is extremely important to put just as much emphasis on optimising the shipping […] ... Read More

  October 25, 2017     

Port charges and their role in the small business budget

The transportation of goods incurs multiple different fees which can add up and represent quite a cost to the company. It is important to research these costs from the outset and factor them into your billing structure so that they can be easily absorbed. Let’s look at port fees and consider how they may affect […] ... Read More

  July 22, 2017     

A penny saved is a penny earned: How this extends to freight costs

Running a business can be a tricky one, especially when it comes to trying to save money and keeping the bottom line flourishing. Often the things that can eat away at the bottom line are essential running costs which often go unnoticed. One of these cost categories is freight costs. Keep reading to learn how […] ... Read More

  July 20, 2017     

Cost Effective Shipping: LTL Carriers Explained

What is LTL? Less than truckload shipping (LTL) is the transportation of relatively small freight. The alternatives to LTL carriers are parcel carriers or full truckload carriers. There are several different perspectives as to what is actually considered LTL. Full truck load carriers can put anywhere from 2 to 6 different businesses’ shipments on ... Read More

  July 17, 2017     

Eight Ways to Cut Freight Charges

Part of operating a business is providing something for someone else for a charge. Now unless you provide services, it is likely that a significant proportion of your operations involves bundling up stock, booking couriers and sending it out to customers. There are many types of freight and modes of transport all with differing logistics. [… ... Read More

  July 12, 2017     

Goal: Successful supply chain management

Have you ever sat back and wondered how giant companies such as Apple, Walmart and Ikea became so successful both in their reach and their inventory turnover? Well, it turns out they are model companies when it comes to supply chain management, which essentially governs the whole process from purchasing stock to ensuring it is […] ... Read More

  July 8, 2017