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Topic: lean inventory practices

Reduce Inventory Waste with a Lean Operation

As the world shifts towards a sustainably viable means of producing and distributing, companies dealing with inventory are increasingly pressured to limit their inventory waste. Creating a more efficient manufacturing and distribution process doesn’t just benefit the environment; keeping lost profit to a minimum and improving business image are b ... Read More

  August 24, 2018     

3 Essential Strategies to Prevent Inventory Waste

Every piece of inventory your business holds has a physical cost associated with it as well as less obvious costs. These costs also include transportation and movement of this inventory, the storing space required, the use of containers and packaging, the administration of tracking inventory, the cost of damages, losses and writing inventory off th ... Read More

  August 21, 2018     

Lean Manufacturing and the Food Industry

Lean is a philosophy of delivering value from a customer’s point of view, eliminating waste and continuously and improving a food company’s processes. ... Read More

  April 12, 2017     

The Dangers of Understocking

If every inventory manager or business owner were to sit down and write a list of their biggest inventory nightmares, it’s a safe bet that ‘stock-outs’ would sit near the top of most lists. And with good reason, as having enough stock to satisfy demand is the central task of any inventory-centric business. ... Read More

  September 26, 2016     

Keeping a handle on supply chain risk

No business is immune from supply chain risk, but the following principles will allow you to minimize exposure and quickly deal with any problems that do arise. ... Read More

  September 4, 2016     

5 strategies to turn an overstock liability into a business advantage

Businesses that implement inventory management software, which integrates each node in the supply chain, are generally able to avoid running into an overstock issue. This is because it enables the ability to track, trace and account for inventory in real-time via the cloud. However, for those who remain ingrained in outdated inventory management s ... Read More

  August 28, 2016