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Topic: lean inventory

5 Major Types of Inventory Waste Your Business Needs to Know to Cut Costs

Inventory waste is considered one of the seven major wastes in lean manufacturing and does not just encompass damaged or obsolete inventory stock. Types of inventory waste can be defined as any production activity that uses resources but does not add any value for the customer. As a consequence, these wastes add to the cost […] ... Read More

  August 21, 2018     

Too Much Inventory or Too Little: Finding the Balance

Running short of inventory is a cardinal sin in wholesale or manufacturing inventory management; putting aside lost sales, not having enough inventory means failing to meet customer needs – something that any business with a long-term outlook should avoid. This doesn’t mean that a business should accumulate excess safety stock; as any busin ... Read More

  March 31, 2018     

Lean Business – What Does it Mean?

Lean business essentially involves maximising customer value while reducing or eliminating waste from the production process. Lean manufacturing was initially practiced by Japanese industrial giants such as Toyota, but in recent years has come to be widely adopted by British and European startups in industries as diverse as manufacturing and softwa ... Read More

  October 2, 2017     

Uncertain Transportation Costs: An Opportunity to Become More Efficient

Uncertainties in transportation capacity, underlying costs and demand mean that the cost to merchants can be difficult to understand and plan for. ... Read More

  May 1, 2017     

Excel spreadsheets are passé

Using Excel spreadsheets to manage inventory, financials and business reporting is costing your company time and money. Here’s five reasons why. ... Read More

  March 17, 2017     

Highlights of Just-In-Time Inventory

Just-In-Time (JIT) inventory is a strategy used to increase efficiency and minimize waste in the manufacturing process, increasing profitability. ... Read More

  March 11, 2017     

Is Better Inventory Key To Manufacturing Success?

Manufacturing is relatively unique in the sense that a much higher level of inventory precision is required to successfully scale up. ... Read More

  December 10, 2016     

Six ways software can keep your stock accurate

Accurate inventory an effective way of controlling costs, which is why employing inventory software tools will keep stock accurate. ... Read More

  December 2, 2016     

The benefits of lean manufacturing for the food and beverage industry

Lean manufacturing and Total Quality Management (TQM) first came about through the work of Henry Ford, followed by Toyota in Japan. They set about to decrease ‘Muda’, a term given to everything in a process that is unnecessary, time-wasting and that results in a loss of profitability. Since their pioneering work to implement TQM and lean proces ... Read More

  October 25, 2016     

How best to manage the risks you could be exposed to in your supply chain

There are many risks in the supply chain that can drastically affect a company’s profitability, reputation and ability to function optimally. These risks, in recent times, have been multiplied through things such as globalization, piracy, economic crises and exchange rates. Also, the move towards instant gratification and needing everything right ... Read More

  October 24, 2016