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Topic: JIT

Just-in-time in the Real World of Inventory Management

Just-in-time inventory (JIT) is the antithesis of just-in-case inventory and can be a valuable method of reducing waste and streamlining the supply chain. The benefits of JIT inventory are numerous, although they can only be realised with hard work to set up an intricate system involving many synchronised components. In this article, we will consid ... Read More

  February 20, 2019     

3 Successful Companies Practising Just-In-Time Systems

One of the most popular methods for inventory management is just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing. JIT refers to a system of manufacturing that lets business owners produce products once a customer has requested and paid for it, rather than having already assembled products on the shelves waiting for purchase. Many business owners use this inventory met ... Read More

  February 15, 2019     

Dealing with Seasonal Inventory

Inventory forecasting is critical for the smooth operation of any stock-based business. Managing demand can be tricky, however, if a large part of your inventory is subject to seasonal demand. Seasonality essentially refers to inventory with repetitive or predictable supply and demand patterns over a period of time. Manufacturers, distributors and ... Read More

  October 4, 2017     

Just-in-Time Inventory: Streamlined Inventory Management

Just-in-Time inventory, as the name implies, is where products for manufacture are purchased shortly before they are needed so that they arrive ‘just-in-time’. There are several advantages associated with this method of inventory management as well as a few notable disadvantages. We will look as some of these as well as some things that should ... Read More

  July 11, 2017     

The Benefits of the Just-In-Time Approach

In inventory management, the Just-In-Time or JIT system reduces wastage, improves efficiency and productivity, and contributes to smoother production flows. A shorter production cycle can decrease financial costs, inventory costs and labour costs. Below, we summarise the key features of the JIT approach. Smooth production flow One of the key featur ... Read More

  June 29, 2017     

Inventory Management and Ordering Crash Course

Doing inventory management well will increase customer satisfaction and reduce wastage costs, both of which are great for the bottom line. ... Read More

  April 20, 2017     

Highlights of Just-In-Time Inventory

Just-In-Time (JIT) inventory is a strategy used to increase efficiency and minimize waste in the manufacturing process, increasing profitability. ... Read More

  March 11, 2017     

The Key Features of Just-In-Time Inventory and How It Can Benefit Your Business

Just-in-time (JIT) is a production technique that was first pioneered by Toyota, to minimize the need for excess inventory through linking production to demand. In a nutshell, JIT means that a product is only ordered or manufactured once an order has been placed. This way, a business can operate with a minimum of stock and […] ... Read More

  February 16, 2017     

In the Nick of Time: Just-in-Time Inventory

When a business holds excess inventory it ties up capital and incurs holding and carrying costs. Minimizing inventory waste should therefore be a key inventory management goal for an efficient business. Just-in-Time (JIT) inventory involves the ongoing minimization of inventory waste by only procuring inventory to meet immediate demand. It stands i ... Read More

  October 31, 2016