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Topic: inventory turnover

A Peak Into the Deterministic Model of Inventory Control

The intention of inventory management is to be able to correlate the ordering quantities and frequency of products with demand so that there are always just enough products on hand, never too many and never too few. In the real world, it can be extremely difficult to predict these ordering parameters when there are uncertainties […] ... Read More

  July 16, 2019     

The Importance of Stocktaking for Measuring Inventory Turnover

As a business owner selling goods, knowing how much you are selling is key to understanding how well your business is doing. While many new business owners make the mistake of assuming they are doing okay simply by observing that customers are still buying, doing so can be fatal for your business. A successful business […] ... Read More

  June 22, 2019     

The Importance of Accurate Stock Taking for Measuring Inventory Turnover

Inventory control is not just about what products you have on hand at any given time. Good inventory control should also consider how quickly that inventory stock moves into and out of your business. Sales revenue alone is not enough to measure the success of a business if expenses exceed your revenue, then the business […] ... Read More

  June 7, 2019     

How Stocktaking Can Shed Light on Inventory Turnover

An accurate stock take ensures that the inventory turnover ratio is going to be a reliable tool. If the numbers are right, business owners can plan for the future. It is a powerful part of inventory management and allows the business to make smarter decisions on what parts of the inventory stock they should invest […] ... Read More

  May 21, 2019     

Is Your Inventory Management Helping Your Bottom Line?

Do you know where your wallet is right now? Sure, every so often you misplace your wallet. It might end up in the pocket of a pair of jeans on the floor, but it’s safe to say that 99% of the time you know where it is. This is because wallets are our important personal […] ... Read More

  March 22, 2019     

How to Measure If Your Inventory Control is Working Efficiently

As a successful manufacturer or distributor, you understand the importance of managing inventory to ensure the business has enough stock on hand to meet customer demand. You’ve invested considerable time and effort into streamlining and enhancing your inventory control, but now you are unsure how to measure if these efforts have been effective. T ... Read More

  March 11, 2019     

6 Ways SMEs Can Improve Inventory Turnover (And Why it Matters)

To ensure your small business is operating efficiently, effectively managing inventory and meeting customers’ needs, you should aim to improve inventory turnover. This, in turn, will help optimise business cash flow and maximise profits. Inventory turnover is the number of times a business sells and replaces inventory within a specified timeframe ... Read More

  November 30, 2018     

Gauge Your Business’ Health with these 5 Inventory Metrics

For busy manufacturers and wholesalers, inventory metrics are a fast and reliable way to gauge the performance of the business. Although there are higher-level metrics, like the current ratio or the debt-equity ratio, there’s particular value in checking in on inventory performance. Inventory stock is often one of the largest assets on a business ... Read More

  March 20, 2018     

Two Approaches to Tracking Inventory

Accurate inventory control is a serious business and organizations are increasingly recognizing the importance of implementing sound inventory management practices within their organizations. How then do we go about tracking inventory? There are two approaches, the traditional method of manually tracking and recording the flow of goods into and out ... Read More

  June 2, 2017