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Topic: inventory tracking

Brewery Inventory Management Up In The Cloud

Brewery inventory management can be done in a variety of ways. Often, companies will rely on a combination of methods, including web apps, written notes and spreadsheets. These processes can become troublesome, however, especially in larger breweries with multiple departments. A singular, streamlined method for brewery inventory management can be m ... Read More

  September 9, 2017     

Cloud Inventory Management Benefitting Retailers

Cloud inventory management software is a great method for retailers to oversee and manage inventories. It greatly reduces time wastage and avoids the inevitable errors that come with manual inventory control processes. This software can help make keeping track of stock an easy process, which is essential for the smooth running of businesses big or ... Read More

  September 8, 2017     

Barcoding 101: The Different Types of Barcodes

Barcodes are a useful tool to improve inventory management in any business. In particular, barcodes increase data reliability, speed up data entry and allow you to easily implement real time inventory control. A barcode is essentially an image that represents data, and although the concept behind barcodes is simple, it pays to understand the variet ... Read More

  September 6, 2017     

The Art of Improving Inventory Management

Inventory management is a key component of small, medium and large businesses. If there is one thing that they all have in common, it is that there is always room for improvement. Getting the right level of inventory can be a delicate balance between ordering too much and having too little on hand. There are […] ... Read More

  August 31, 2017     

How Inventory Control Protects Your Greatest Assets

Inventory is at the core of a company’s revenue, profitability, and customer satisfaction. Interestingly, retailers are losing an estimated $50 billion dollars a year by not properly controlling one of their most important assets. Inventory control systems have been developed to help automate the process of tracking and managing a company’s inv ... Read More

  August 17, 2017     

Successful Product Recalls with Inventory Software

In business, no product is immune to the risk of a product recall. Research suggests that product recalls in the United States have been on the increase. In 1988, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission was involved in some 221 recalls, and by 1993, that number had risen to 367 recalls. These product recalls can […] ... Read More

  August 1, 2017     

Inventory Tracking: Keeping Track of Every Moving Part

Inventory tracking is essentially a process for monitoring inventory levels, orders, sales and inventory movements. In any business, particularly in stock based businesses, there are a lot of moving parts. Keeping track of every aspect of the production process can be difficult, so businesses turn to inventory tracking to understand where each item ... Read More

  July 19, 2017     

It’s time for inventory management automation

There are two ways a business can track and manage inventory. There’s the hard way or there’s the easy way. Taking the hard way can be time-consuming, tedious and inefficient while the easier option, automation, will free-up personnel to better utilize their skills and capabilities performing more relevant tasks. Automation, what is it really? ... Read More

  June 19, 2017     

Brandini Toffee reduces risk for food manufacturing

Brandini Toffee, early beginnings It was a fairytale beginning to a business – two teenagers started selling toffee made from a simple recipe to raise money for a class trip. Brandon Weimer and his best friend, Leah Post went from these innocuous beginning to creating and distributing a gourmet brand that has been seen on […] ... Read More

  March 15, 2017     

Tielka Organic Tea Creates Customer Trust

Rebecca Domorev loves a good cup of quality tea, something she’s helping to bring to the Australian market as Director and Co-Founder of Tielka Specialty Fairtrade Organic Tea. Tielka was established in 2008, after finding a gap in the market for fine teas that could be sold wholesale to upmarket restaurants and niche cafes. As […] ... Read More

  November 28, 2016     

Why Inventory Management Software is a Must for Distributers

For the modern distributers, managing inventory supply chains can be a task that fits anywhere between simple and reasonably predictable, to highly complex with massive fluctuations. Each supply chain tends to have its own challenges to overcome, along with a wide variety of potential problems caused by any number of variables. While there is a [&h ... Read More

  August 27, 2016     

Introduction to the Unleashed Sales Process

What is a Quote? A Sales Quote enables a potential buyer to see what the costs might be for the product or service that is delivered to them. In Unleashed, you can use Sales Quotes to start this sales process simply by setting up a quote and sending this to a customer for review. Unleashed provides you […] ... Read More

  August 26, 2016     

Common Inventory Mistakes and Some Simple Solutions

The inventory management of today’s business world incorporates a wide spectrum of skills and functions, utilized by an even wider range of users. From the simple, manual stock-count of a local shop to the tech-savvy, real-time stock tracking of a busy modern retailer, right through to the complex and multi-layered supply chain management ... Read More

  November 25, 2015     

Inventory Management Software: A necessity for business growth

A business that aims to scale successfully for growth needs to be able to meet the versatile demands of handling their inventory effectively. As a business expands the level of complexity and challenges for its most critical operations increase, too. Relying on outdated and ineffective systems to manage burgeoning inventory demands will not only ... Read More

  September 9, 2015