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Topic: inventory tracking

Lot numbers explained – All you need to know about lot numbers

We see lot numbers applied to many of the products we use in everyday life, from toiletries and medicines to food products, drinks, and cars. Different companies have different ways of assigning lot numbers, but generally, the codes help manufacturers identify information about their products, like which materials were used to make them, where they ... Read More

  April 8, 2021     

[2020 Update] Three Alternatives to Tracking Inventory

Barcodes are perhaps the most straightforward method of tracking inventory; they are easy to implement and make it possible to track virtually every inventory movement – through the warehouse and right up to the point of sale. However, barcodes are just one way of tracking inventory – let’s compare barcodes with some of the alternatives. [&he ... Read More

  December 16, 2019     

How Product Labelling Can Help Manufacturers Increase Efficiency and Accuracy

Product labelling can be a complex process. Manufacturers today are faced with a range of evolving requirements that complicate this process and leave many businesses merely accepting this process as the cost of doing business. But it certainly doesn’t need to be. Product labelling can make a huge difference if properly implemented, increasing ef ... Read More

  August 22, 2019     

How to Enhance Your Product Labelling Strategy

Running an efficient warehouse is a top priority and often sought after by business owners. There’s a ream of solutions to help you find this elusive efficiency. But when you’re looking around for different strategies to keep your warehouse at its best, you really don’t need to reinvent the wheel. It’s time to look into […] ... Read More

  August 6, 2019     

How Lot Traceability Can Help Your Business

If you’re the manager of a manufacturing business, you’ll do whatever it takes to keep a factory running without a hitch. Factories are complex, busy places with a lot of systems, machinery and processes in place. Technology plays a key part in the manufacturing world. We see the benefits of it clearly through lot traceability […] ... Read More

  July 30, 2019     

3 Effective Ways to Minimise Negative Impacts of a Product Recall to Your Business

In certain industries, recall rates are high enough to be factored in as part of the business process. Recalls are particularly pertinent to automotive, food and medical industries costing companies billions of dollars. However, even the most diligent business operators are exposed to product recalls regardless of industry and whether you are a man ... Read More

  July 25, 2019     

3 Tips to Help You Manage Product Recalls

When something goes wrong with your product, a recall might be on the cards. There is a whole spectrum when it comes to product recalls. Sometimes they are relatively benign and easy to fix, or they can span to being very dangerous, expensive or both. Depending on what you’ve sold and what the problem is, […] ... Read More

  June 19, 2019     

Hogan’s Cider achieves business accuracy with Unleashed Software

Working with a variety of clients across different verticals means that you need to have a good understanding of what specific customers need. The team at Unleashed want to understand as much as possible about the processes and challenges our customers are facing so that we are able to deliver a better value system. This […] ... Read More

  June 14, 2019     

5 Ways to Improve Inventory Accuracy When You’re Overwhelmed With Stock

Optimum inventory management relies on accurate data so that inventory orders can be balanced with sales. By data, we mean the numbers and categories of stored and sold product, expiration dates and storage locations so that there is always just enough product ordered in to satisfy consumer demand and sales. Improving accuracy around inventory data ... Read More

  April 8, 2019     

Inventory Control Techniques that Help Save You Time

The success of your business centres on the ability to effectively manage your inventory stock and to do it in a way that is both timely and efficient. Time is a limited resource in any organisation and inefficiencies in its management can have a negative impact on your operating processes and your ability to deliver […] ... Read More

  April 2, 2019     

How to Measure If Your Inventory Control is Working Efficiently

As a successful manufacturer or distributor, you understand the importance of managing inventory to ensure the business has enough stock on hand to meet customer demand. You’ve invested considerable time and effort into streamlining and enhancing your inventory control, but now you are unsure how to measure if these efforts have been effective. T ... Read More

  March 11, 2019     

How To Improve Your Business’ Financial Health with Inventory Management

Since inventory is one of the biggest assets for a company, it’s no wonder that it can impact on a company’s financial health. If inventory is poorly managed, there can be a domino effect on the company’s financial statements. For instance, if you have old stock sitting on the shelves, taking up space and not […] ... Read More

  January 26, 2019     

Smart Inventory and Your Data, Everywhere with Online Inventory Management

Most modern businesses understand that accurate inventory management is key to operating a successful business, with customer satisfaction and delivery times reliant on efficient stock control. In the past few years, online inventory management has been the predominant trend in the inventory management space, offering better forecasts reflecting pa ... Read More

  September 24, 2018     

World Wide Web Wednesday #49

Whether you need some lunchtime reads or something to get you past hump day, we’ve curated five links you’ll enjoy! Master these 3 things to sell on Amazon successfully The wonderful world of Amazon sales can be tempting for retailers but before businesses begin, here are three things they should consider. Who is Alibaba’s next […] ... Read More

  September 12, 2018     

Create and Print Customised Product Labels

If your business has a wide range of products, printing product labels will make it so much easier for inventory management and logistics. Unleashed Software allows businesses to print product labels. Start by creating a new product label template in the Doc Designer. Customise the fields and attributes, add images or even a company logo. [… ... Read More

  September 11, 2018     

World Wide Web Wednesday #48

Whether you need some lunchtime reads or something to get you past hump day, we’ve curated five links you’ll enjoy! Amazon (briefly) reaches a market value of more than $1 trillion Amazon shares rose to a high of $2050.50 before slipping back. According to Neil Saunders, managing director of GlobalData Retail, “to reach a market […] ... Read More

  September 5, 2018     

Inventory Management Lessons to Take Away from Amazon

As a leading eCommerce giant, Amazon continues to hold a dominant position as one of the biggest online retailers in the market. Their quick delivery services and a wide variety of products at competitive prices keeps them ahead in the eCommerce game. Due to their sheer scale, they are able to meet the high demands […] ... Read More

  September 3, 2018     

The Significance of Stock Control

Maintaining inventory can feel like a delicate balance that is infinitely wavering. If you don’t have enough inventory, the repercussions can set a business back in the form of lost sales. Conversely, if you have too much inventory on hand, it can add up to be a very expensive exercise for the business. Having an […] ... Read More

  December 30, 2017     

Keeping Track of Inventory: the Basics of Stock Control

Stock control involves ordering, storing and tracking your business’ supplies and finished products. It is a crucial function for any successful business. Inventories typically involve a combination of raw materials, work in progress and finished goods, so having the right amount of each in the right place is essential for a company to run effici ... Read More

  November 3, 2017     

Barcodes: How to decode them

In June 1974, a packet of Wrigley’s chewing gum was the first item to be scanned with a barcode in a shop. Since then, barcodes have become extremely prevalent. A barcode or universal product code provides a platform to enter numerical data into a computer very quickly. You can see them on products you buy […] ... Read More

  October 28, 2017     

The Basics of Inventory Tracking

Inventory tracking allows you to keep track of the quantity of goods you have as you buy and sell products. An inventory tracking system operates in real-time so it keeps accounts accurate. There is no delay, so all product information should always be up-to-date. So, why do you need an inventory tracking system and why […] ... Read More

  October 27, 2017     

Cloud Inventory Management Benefits Retailers

Learning how to manage your inventory in retail is vital as it can make or break your business. Spreadsheets are no longer the way of the forward -thinking retailing business. These are prone to human error, are time consuming and can often lead to inaccuracies. We look at what retailers need to know about cloud […] ... Read More

  September 23, 2017