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Topic: inventory storage

The Teetering Relationship Between Inventory Control and Profit

The control of inventory and the effect it has on a company’s profit is inextricable and should be duly noticed by anyone attempting to manage sales and inventory. What many companies fail to fully appreciate is that inventory and cash can often be thought of as one and the same. If too much cash is […] ... Read More

  April 30, 2019     

Dealing with the blows of uncertain transportation costs

Keeping your small business afloat in the global market against big players is no small feat. It can be exhausting and tumultuous, being battered by every rise or drop in the markets, different currencies and most importantly, the cost of fuel. Fuel costs are often the culprit for unexpected transportation costs. Here we investigate some […] ... Read More

  July 18, 2017     

The inventory cost of purchasing an item – there’s more than meets the eye

When running a company, it is imperative to understand every reason for outgoing revenue and to try and find methods to reduce these so that the bottom line does not suffer. One such area that can sometimes take people by surprise is all the hidden costs associated with purchasing stock. They are not so much […] ... Read More

  July 7, 2017     

Addressing Inventory Carrying Costs

It’s time to address a subject that a lot of companies fail to notice or incorporate into their business planning - the costs of carrying inventory. ... Read More

  March 24, 2017