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10 Global Food Processing Industry Trends for 2021

Everything is changing. The way we eat, technology, people’s expectations — the knock-on effect of this is revolutionising much of the food industry, from the ingredients we buy to the food manufacturing software we use. So what are the food processing trends to watch out for in 2021? 1. Safety standards in a post-Covid-19 world […] ... Read More

  February 10, 2021     

Deciphering the difference Between KPIs and Metrics

KPIs and metrics are a few of the buzzwords floating around businesses these days but what’s the real difference between the two? They are important when it comes to reporting on your business performance and success. Let’s figure out the difference between them. We’ll try to keep it simple so you can decipher what a […] ... Read More

  October 25, 2019     

The Growth of Inventory Management

Inventory management originated even before the Industrial Revolution and has certainly evolved with time and expertise to become what it is today. The need for inventory management has always existed where trading was a livelihood and the stock management was imperative to protect one’s resources. The Industrial Revolution ushered in a boom in t ... Read More

  November 13, 2018     

Can You Tell When You’re Ready for Inventory Management Software?

In today’s fast-paced world, managing inventory can be such a daunting and time-consuming task, but it certainly doesn’t need to be! If you are finding inventory management a real headache for your company, then you need to take note of the many companies that are using specialised inventory management software. Not only does inventory mana ... Read More

  May 28, 2018     

Are You Ready for Inventory Management Software?

The biggest challenge of inventory control is to have the right product in the right place, at the right time. However, getting this balance precise is a struggle for many businesses and the investment in inventory management software provides an attractive solution. Online inventory management software is undeniably, a valuable tool for inventory ... Read More

  May 21, 2018     

Clues You Need Inventory Management Software

Managing inventory can be a cumbersome task if you don’t have the right tools. As a business owner, you may feel the pressure when inventory management goes awry. Perhaps you are frequently running out of stock, worried about shrinkage or uncertain of how much stock you have in the warehouse. There are a multitude of […] ... Read More

  April 10, 2018     

Four Ways Bad Inventory Control Can Cause Chaos

In manufacturing, distribution and wholesale, your entire business revolves around inventory – having enough stock to keep the production line going and to keep customers happy is essential. Here are four ways we’ve seen bad inventory control cause chaos in business. Missing Valuable Sales Just as in the B2C context, B2B customers value rel ... Read More

  March 29, 2018     

Why Balancing Inventory Control is a Delicate Act

Any business owner who is part of the wholesale distribution industry should be very aware of inventory control. Essentially, inventory control is the overarching awareness and oversight over a company’s inventory stock. Inventory control is paramount to running a successful business. The Impact on Your Business It’s imperative to understand wh ... Read More

  March 28, 2018     

Encouraging Growth in a Business with Inventory Management

A fundamental concept to understand is that the challenges and strategies involved in starting a business are different to those required to keep it going and see it actually grow. There are several new hurdles that arise with seeing new growth in a company and must be overcome for survival. From inventory management to changing […] ... Read More

  March 22, 2018     

Downloading Inventory Software to Drive Business Success

For some businesses, another financial year has come to close and preparations for the following year are in full swing. The following article provides key tips for driving the success of your business in the new financial year, including ways to personalise your marketing campaigns and increase convenience for your customer base by downloading inv ... Read More

  March 21, 2018     

Let Online Order Management Shape Your Wholesale Business

There are several different types of wholesale businesses. Some wholesale businesses need to have a physical warehouse with inventory, while other wholesale businesses can purely be run through the internet without investing in stock in advance. A wholesaler can normally buy stock at discounted prices because they are making bulk purchases with lar ... Read More

  December 8, 2017     

IT Challenges for Small and Medium Enterprises

In India, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are the fastest growing sector, generating a significant amount of employment. Despite this, SMEs still face many hurdles, particularly with regards to technology. Associated costs, technological change and a lack of IT expertise can have huge knock on effects for smaller businesses. In this article, we ... Read More

  October 6, 2017     

Download Inventory Software to Manage Warehouses

One of the first signs of business success is demand for more product. More product means more inventory space, and more inventory space often means more warehouses. Scaling a business to produce and ship more inventory may require adding another or multiple warehouses. However, with multiple warehouses, tracking inventory and managing stock across ... Read More

  September 14, 2017     

Factors Impacting Inventory Management

Understanding what impacts your inventory management system is crucial, regardless of what type of business you run. These factors can influence your business profitability in ways you might not have considered! Factors That Affect Inventory Management Product Availability Product availability is something to consider when identifying factors that ... Read More

  September 2, 2017     

Common Inventory Management Mistakes

Inventory management can be overwhelming. There can be an incredibly large amount of tangible inventory, which can translate to a huge amount of responsibility and pressure to manage this inventory properly. Unfortunately, mistakes are inevitable in any business and especially with inventory control. Luckily, by addressing a variety of factors that ... Read More

  August 30, 2017     

Get Onboard The SaaS Inventory Software Train

Downloading inventory software requires that the user build the server, install the application and configure it. With Software as a Service (SaaS) the user rents the software for a period of time, only paying for the software they are using. SaaS applications are built on a connected, cloud-native architecture with a range of benefits when [&helli ... Read More

  August 23, 2017     

Three proven ways of turning the tables on excess inventory stock

Overstocked inventory happens when a business inaccurately orders inventory stock and is left with more than the market demands. Having excess inventory stock is bad for business because it means that there are associated inventory turnover problems and the costs involved with managing it are not great for the bottom line. Excess inventory stock ca ... Read More

  August 21, 2017     

A few how-to’s of SaaS for a small business

It is difficult for small businesses to compete with large companies that monopolize the industry. But it seems that, currently, we are coming back to celebrating the niche, the small and the boutique, such as with craft beer or handmade clothing. One tool for the computing side of the small business, which makes it easier […] ... Read More

  May 20, 2017     

Getting the Upper Hand with Perpetual Inventory Management

Stock takes can be a painful experience, and they cost your business. A manual stock take can take a lot of time and effort, often requiring the closure of the shop floor or the warehouse for a period of time. Although occasional stock takes will always be a feature of proactive inventory management, implementing an […] ... Read More

  January 12, 2017     

The Power of a Perpetual Inventory System

What it is, what it does, and why your business needs it.

... Read More

  February 10, 2016