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Topic: inventory planning

Unconstrained vs. Constrained Forecasting: Balancing Commercial Dreams with Reality

A company’s inventory is a significant asset on their books, however, if frequent shortages or excess happens, it can become a significant liability, costing the business’ bottom line. It is imperative to manage inventory appropriately so that supply and demand are always balanced. However, all the inventory management techniques and softwa ... Read More

  October 16, 2018     

What You Need to Know About Demand Forecasting

Demand forecasting is the process of estimating the number of products that customers will be willing to purchase in the future. It involves leveraging data and analytics about your product and the market to closely predict customer demand over a particular time frame. It’s a crucial aspect for many companies and inherent in more reliable [&h ... Read More

  October 12, 2018     

The Value of Demand Forecasting

Demand forecasting is tricky to get exactly right but there are ways to increase your forecast accuracy. A more accurate forecast can benefit manufacturers, distributors and retailers alike. It can support the supply chain and help suppliers along the product journey deliver results to their customers more effectively. Essentially, demand forecasti ... Read More

  October 4, 2018     

These 3 Things Can Help You Plan for Seasonality

The basics of what determines a seasonal business are numerous, from actual climatic seasons, to school holidays and end of the financial year. For retailers especially, seasonality can mean those times of traditionally high consumer spend, such as the led-up to the Christmas period, major events, sporting activities or music festivals. A seasonal ... Read More

  June 28, 2018     

Know Your Four Types of Purchase Orders

A purchase order is essentially a request made from buyer to seller, specifying the details of what they want in their order: item, quantity, delivery time, and so on. When the order becomes accepted, it is a binding contract on whatever terms are specified in the order. There are four primary types of purchaser order, which essentially differ acco ... Read More

  September 3, 2016