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Topic: inventory management

Stock Management Improvements For Better Performance

Stock management affects a company’s performance in many ways. Too little stock can lead to a reduction in sales and a loss of customers, and too much can drastically inhibit profit. It is therefore crucial that managers find an equilibrium between the two extremes. Stock management methods can greatly influence the productivity and profitability ... Read More

  August 17, 2017     

How Inventory Control Protects Your Greatest Assets

Inventory is at the core of a company’s revenue, profitability, and customer satisfaction. Interestingly, retailers are losing an estimated $50 billion dollars a year by not properly controlling one of their most important assets. Inventory control systems have been developed to help automate the process of tracking and managing a company’s inv ... Read More

  August 17, 2017     

Doing Barcodes The Right Way

The modern era of business management is exciting and fast-paced. To ensure your business remains a contender in the global arena, the adoption of technology and automation is paramount. A revolutionary aspect to technology and automation was the development of the barcode, which pictorially displays data relating to the item, be it price, location ... Read More

  August 15, 2017     

Tribe of the Tree grows flower essence business with cloud inventory management

As passionate believers in the healing power of flower essences, Scott Harris and his co-founder Jayne Tancred established Tribe of the Tree in Sydney seven years ago. They boast over 19 products that promise to cater to your energetic and emotional needs using only flower essences. Constantly waking up on the wrong side of the […] ... Read More

  August 14, 2017     

Barcoding Tools For Inventory Efficiency

Barcoding is the new way of doing inventory management, and it is no surprise that companies who make the switch rave about it to no end. There are so many bonuses to barcoding including saving time, money, reducing wasted resources and removing the painful feeling of having an out-of-control warehouse that desperately needs a systems […] ... Read More

  August 12, 2017     

Why Inventory Costs Should Matter To You

Inventory costs are the costs related to storing and maintaining a business’ inventory over a certain period of time. Typically, inventory costs are described as a percentage of the inventory value on an annualised basis. They vary strongly depend on the business field, but they are always quite high. It is commonly accepted that the [&hellip ... Read More

  August 11, 2017     

Inventory control for distributors – success is within reach

To solve inventory control challenges, an inventory management software is imperative in providing an easy and effective solution, especially for manufacturers and distributors. The business of distributing involves matching the incoming product from a supplier to the ordered and shipped volume. In an ideal world, this results in little stored inve ... Read More

  August 11, 2017     

Five Reasons to Consider Trade Discounts

A trade discount is a variable reduction on the wholesale list price. Manufacturers and wholesalers typically publish a single price list rather than notifying prices to each different customer. Offering a specific trade discount to a customer is a way of varying the sale price for that particular customer. Trade discounts can be an important [&hel ... Read More

  August 10, 2017     

Contrasting Trade and Cash Discounts

Most businesses will use discounts and price reductions at some point in their business journey. For a growing business, discounts can be a way to attract business, clear excess inventory, differentiate between market segments or encourage prompt payment of invoices. Discounts are often thought to be the exclusive preserve of retail businesses. In ... Read More

  August 9, 2017     

Supply Chain Management: The Supply and Demand of Beer

The basic tenet of a market economy is arguably the concept of supply and demand. The quantity of which a product or service is demanded by your customers will dictate the amount of a product or service delivered by you as the supplier. In addition to this, supply and demand variables can be impacted according […] ... Read More

  August 5, 2017     

Accurate Costing for a Profitable Business

Accurate costing of your products can aid you in making well-informed decisions. Business costs must be accurate for several reasons, which we shall explore a little more in this article. Sales and budgeting Firstly, sales prices must be set accurately to ensure that firstly the company makes a profit, and secondly that they make the […] ... Read More

  August 4, 2017     

How does barcoding benefit inventory management?

Barcoding has become a popular and efficient way of controlling inventory throughout the manufacturing process and is widely used in many industries. There are several benefits available to your company, which we shall explore in detail in this article. Minimising error The first and most prominent benefit to barcoding is the intrinsic accuracy ass ... Read More

  August 3, 2017     

90 Seconds To Better Inventory Management

Sometimes, a Google search just doesn’t cut it. Searching for the elusive answer amongst thousands of search results is not the most efficient way to be spending your time. How can you narrow your search and get the answer you want? Unleashed Software is rolling out Unleashed Academy to answer all your questions about inventory […] ... Read More

  August 2, 2017     

The Importance of Barcode Software in Inventory Management

Manually controlling inventory can be time-consuming and error-prone. Even smaller businesses can run in to trouble if all processes are conducted manually. Barcode software can be a hugely beneficial tool for inventory management. This software eliminates the risk of inventory control mishaps which can occur when relying solely on manual processes ... Read More

  August 2, 2017     

Successful Product Recalls with Inventory Software

In business, no product is immune to the risk of a product recall. Research suggests that product recalls in the United States have been on the increase. In 1988, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission was involved in some 221 recalls, and by 1993, that number had risen to 367 recalls. These product recalls can […] ... Read More

  August 1, 2017     

Food Manufacturing and The Lean Approach

Lean manufacturing began in the early 1990s with Henry Ford, and gained further ground after the rebuilding of industry in post WWII Japan. Since then, lean manufacturing has caught on quickly, and in the United States it is now commonplace. A lean approach focuses on systematically reducing any non-value adding or wasteful activities, to increase ... Read More

  July 28, 2017     

Implementing win-win supplier relationship management techniques

It is time to start embracing supplier relationship management (SRM). There are a number of general principles that are useful to understanding, promoting and implementing good SRM in business. With some listed below, these tools represent a checklist on what may be possible between the specific business, supply chain and key relationships players ... Read More

  July 28, 2017     

Product Bundling: How to Take Advantage of Value and Convenience to Drive Sales

Almost any consumer will recall a time that they’ve gone to a store or visited a retailer’s store with the intention to buy one product, only to buy a second or even third product in the same visit. Product bundling is a simple but time-tested strategy, whether your business is a major retailer or boutique […] ... Read More

  July 27, 2017     

Four proven critical strategies to improve inventory management

Inventory management is the lifeblood of the supply chain. It is a system that is interconnected – it is critical to know what the perfect balance of supply and demand is or else disadvantages are inevitable. If you do not have enough inventory you miss out on a lost sale from customers. If you have […] ... Read More

  July 26, 2017     

Distribution Barcoding to Manage Your Inventory

As technology goes, barcodes have a relatively good payoff for a small investment. Barcodes are fairly simple to implement in a distribution business and are likely to streamline operations right through the distribution process. Barcodes make your staff more productive, improve inventory accuracy and allow you to implement real-time inventory mana ... Read More

  July 26, 2017     

Taking the Plunge: Six Ways to Improve Your Company’s Inventory Management

Inventory management is the art of balancing what stock comes in with what stock goes out so that, in the ideal world, there is only a small amount left over and no stock is rendered obsolete or expired. Even though it can be simply described, inventory management is exceedingly complex and often needs a lot […] ... Read More

  July 22, 2017     

Four Proven Ways to Streamline Your Inventory Management

Inventory management is a core business function which is responsible for all decisions about all goods and materials in an organization. Effective inventory management involves ensuring that policies, activities and procedures are in place to make sure the correct amount of each item is held in stock at any time. Let’s discuss four proven ways [ ... Read More

  July 20, 2017