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Topic: inventory carrying costs

Why Inventory Costs Should Matter To You

Inventory costs are the costs related to storing and maintaining a business’ inventory over a certain period of time. Typically, inventory costs are described as a percentage of the inventory value on an annualised basis. They vary strongly depend on the business field, but they are always quite high. It is commonly accepted that the [&hellip ... Read More

  August 11, 2017     

When is Stock Considered Inventory?

For many businesses, inventory is one of the largest items on the balance sheet, so it is important to understand what constitutes inventory. In essence, inventory refers to the stock that a business has on hand – whether that stock is raw materials or a finished product. A more nuanced understanding can be difficult – […] ... Read More

  May 13, 2017     

Inventory Management: A Difficult Endeavor?

In an inventory-heavy business, effective inventory control is important, and perhaps even critical, to ongoing success. Whether you’re a FMCG wholesaler, a fashion retailer or a manufacturer, having enough stock on hand is critical to keep the cogs turning. Implementing, or improving inventory management controls represent a major growth opportu ... Read More

  October 10, 2016